The 21st-century business environment provides challenges and rewards for those who are prepared. The emphasis on the use of technology, the integration of business concepts, and environmental issues will require you as a business decision maker to be knowledgeable, flexible and prepared to adjust to new paradigms and demands and to accomplish this on a national and international level. Manhattanville’s Business Management program will give you the core knowledge of methods, concepts, and principles to be prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s business.


A Management major will give you the core knowledge of the methods, concepts, and principles needed to handle challenges and opportunities that arise in the business world. It will also provide you with an understanding of the economy and the analytical tools of the economist.

During your junior or senior year, we encourage you to take at least one, credit-bearing internship. With New York City and the corporate headquarters of MasterCard Worldwide and PepsiCo nearby, you will have exceptional opportunities.

In addition to a career in business or the non-profit sector, the Management program will also provide an excellent background for graduate or professional study.

Manhattanville College also has the Economic Freedom Institute is an enterprise which catalyzes both the popular and scholarly discussion of issues related to economic freedom.

Business Management Major Requirements for the B.A. and B.S. Degree

All business management majors are required to take the following nine courses:

ACC 1002 Fundamentals of Accounting I 3
ACC 1008 Fundamentals of Accounting II 3
ECO 1001 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECO 1002 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECO 2060 Economic Statistics 3
MGT 1001 Fundamentals of Management 3
MGT 1007 Computer Concepts Business Applications 3
MGT 3090 OR ECO 3997 Capstone Seminar: Management Strategy OR Senior Seminar in Economics 3
MKT 1003 Introduction to Marketing 3

ACC 1002, ACC 1008, MGT 1001, MGT 1007, MGT 3090, MKT 1003: Not counted as liberal arts Senior Seminar (ECO 3997 must be taken for departmental honors) Students may take both ECO 3997 and MGT 3090 and one will count as an elective.

Senior Seminar (ECO 3997 must be taken for departmental honors) Students may take both ECO 3997 and MGT 3090 and one will count as an elective.

Note: Courses with the MGT code are not liberal arts. As with all non-liberal arts courses at the College, this is indicated by double asterisks after the title of the course.

Students majoring in Business Management are encouraged to have a liberal arts minor and are urged to plan carefully to ensure that they will have the 90 liberal arts credits required for the B.A. degree or the 60 liberal arts credits required for the B.S. degree.

Elective Courses:

Business Management majors who do not choose an area of concentration must take 3 electives. In addition to the management-designated courses (coded MGT), students may take any accounting, economics, finance or marketing course as an elective (any course coded ACC, ECO, FIN or MKT).


The Economics, Finance & Management Department offers both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

Career ideas

General & Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Sales Manager.

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