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Program Description

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The aims of the specialization are orientated towards the training of specialists in the field of business administration who have internationally recognized competences. We would like to provide our students with an economics training in management and corporate governance, which requires a sound and practical teaching. Among other things, we try to achieve this goal through fundamental and well-founded knowledge of corporate management and information technology.

Content and structure

In addition to the basic training, the study program offers the latest aspects of knowledge in the field of management and controlling in the company. The syllabus is designed innovatively in that the students acquire a true professional judgment regarding the application of the knowledge in different specific situations. The lectures and seminars are supported by both local and visiting professors. The co-operation with universities from the German-speaking area, such as, University of Vienna, University of Trier, University of Siegen, University of Bern, University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen - Geislingen, Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences, etc. is developed sustainably. The courses included in the curriculum contribute to increasing, deepening and expanding the knowledge spectrum of the graduates.

Competences and skills

The graduates of the study program will be able to recognize the data collection, processing and analysis in the environment of the company. They acquire useful skills in the implementation of methodological rules, economic measures, policies and programs; Conducting accounting work, preparation of economic and financial reports and financial statements; Use of economic databases and software products; Creation and management of business plans and area-specific activities, etc. In addition, they can identify opportunities for further education and the efficient use of resources and training techniques for their own career development. They acquire transversal competences by identifying roles and responsibilities in an interdisciplinary group.

career prospects

The graduates of this specialization will be prepared to possess economic knowledge, including executive functions in the company. It is important that the students get an overview of the daily routine of a company. It is often possible for students of the German Teaching Line to work for German companies in Transylvania. Our faculty cooperates with the Deutschsprachigen Wirtschaftsklub Nordtransilvanien (DWNT) and with numerous companies from the German-speaking area (examples of possible professions: expert business valuation, accountant, quality representative).


1 semester (30 credits)

  • microeconomics
  • European economy
  • Business Mathematics
  • management
  • Public Finance
  • Quality and performance management in the economy
  • Foreign language (English / French / Italian / Spanish)
  • Sports

2 semesters (30 credits)

  • macroeconomics
  • Financial and actuarial mathematics
  • Basics of accounting
  • business computer science
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Business law
  • Foreign language (English / French / Italian / Spanish)
  • Sports

3 semesters (30 credits)

  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Financing
  • Databases and Programming
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Business ethics
  • Foreign language (English / French / Italian / Spanish)
  • Elective 1
    • Introduction to scientific work
    • economic history
    • economic doctrines
    • Corporate Management
    • Taxation
    • Introduction to computer programming
    • logic

4 semesters (30 credits)

  • International management
  • Management accounts
  • financial markets
  • Economic world history
  • human Resource management
  • Foreign language 4 (English / French / Italian / Spanish)
  • Internship (Corporate Management)
  • Elective subject 2
    • Merchandising
    • Service Management
    • Algorithms and data structures
    • Inferential statistics
    • financial reporting
    • international economy
    • political science
    • environmental management

5 semesters (30 credits)

  • Financial analysis and controlling
  • project management
  • Econometrics
  • innovation management
  • Computer-aided decision-making systems
  • Elective 3
    • E-commerce and Internet Marketing
    • Entrepreneurial corporate culture
    • International commercial law
    • economic sociology
    • economic forecasts
  • Elective subject 4
  • The European Business Environment
  • Finance and Banking Management
  • international economic Relations
  • Programming media and software development

6 semesters (30 credits)

  • logistics management
  • Statistical data processing
  • International marketing
  • Operations Research
  • The preparation of the bachelor thesis
  • Elective subject 5
    • Comparative economic policies
    • Integrated computer systems (EAS - ERP)
    • auditing
    • risk management
    • Quality control in project management
  • Elective subject 6
  • Strategic Management and Business Strategies
  • Netzwerkmanagemnet
  • Business Communication (English / French / Italian / Spanish)
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Internet applications
  • Business Negotiation
  • Management of SMEs

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