Bachelor in Business Management


Program Description

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) program focuses on all the major aspects of business and management. BBM provides students with a broad understanding of management practices, ensuring a general overview of the operations of the business and its environment. The BBM aims at developing students’ effective human, technical and conceptual skills, along with complete knowledge of the core functional areas of management such as:

  • strategy,
  • marketing,
  • human resources,
  • sales,
  • project management
  • logistics.

BBM has a strong innovation and entrepreneurship component. The program helps the students to become committed, ethical and active managers; sparking their curiosity, developing leadership qualities, and the ability to influence their organization and society in a positive and significant manner; thereby enabling them to reach the top of their potential.

Graduate profiles

The graduate will:

  • be ready to play entrepreneurial and managerial roles in businesses and non-profit organizations,
  • have a thorough understanding of how to manage people and tasks in order to achieve organizational goals,
  • have developed strong competencies in innovation, strategy, marketing, HR and sales,
  • be able to take on leadership positions in organizations of their choice.

Career prospects

Possible career prospects are:

  • managerial and entrepreneurial careers in both domestic and international companies,
  • managerial roles in different business organizations, public and non-profit institutions,
  • functional manager career in strategy, HR, marketing, sales, project management, or logistics,
  • marketing specialist,
  • HR specialist.



During the course of studies, the student may choose and pursue the following modules:

  • Innovation and Start-ups
    The subjects contained within this module are going to enable the students to gain knowledge and skills crucial for designing a successful company from scratch. Design Thinking will let Students experience the whole process of finding fresh, creative solutions to the problem by immersing them in class discussions and team exercises. Business Model Innovation is going to help them not only to translate a business idea to an operating enterprise but also to show them how to make it more efficient and effective. Finally, during the Business Plan and Startup Academy subjects, Students are going to get familiar with a wide variety of specific skills required to start and run their own businesses.

  • HR Business Partner
    HR Business Partner is a module that provides students with knowledge of managing people. During the course, a student has the opportunity to get acquainted with the most important factors to be taken into consideration when developing strategies and action programs for staffing, employee development, and performance appraisal together with communication and psychology of working with people.

  • Leadership
    The Leadership Module is beneficial to students who are going to play a leadership role in the future, both as a team leader and as a manager in organizations. Students will develop leadership knowledge and skills, including the ability of team building, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and decision making. This program will also stimulate self-reflection aimed at developing leadership skills. This module includes theory, individual and group exercises, and simulations.

  • Brand Management
    Students will learn about the basic concepts and tools related to brand management, also in the online environment. During the workshops, they will practice the skills required for brand strategy development and managing the brand portfolio. The classes are conducted in the form of seminar lectures and workshops.

  • Marketing Communications
    The module is designed for students interested in integrated marketing communication, advertising, public relations, and new media. The courses within it provide up-to-date, global knowledge and are used to develop practical skills in managing marketing communication, building communication strategies for companies and brands as well as implementing effective online and offline communication programs.

  • Sales Management
    As part of the module, students acquire knowledge and develop skills related to broadly understood sales. They learn strategies, techniques, and tools used at various stages of the sales process. They acquire competences in the field of professional sales and customer service, sales department management, merchandising as well as price management and sales promotion. They are ready to take on the job of a sales manager, marketing, or trade marketing employee as well as a sales consultant and trainer.



Enrolment is from the 1st of June 2020 to the 16th of August 2020.

Within this dates candidates are obligated to:

  1. Register in the enrolment system.
  2. Pay enrolment fee 85 PLN to the individual bank account indicated in the enrolment system (IRK).
  3. Fill in the form with data, download photos, choose a program of study, enclose the required documents.
  4. After receiving information about the positive result of the document’s verification – pay tuition fee for the first semester of studies to a special account indicated by the Recruitment Committee.
  5. Deliver all documents with photocopies and sworn translations into Polish to Recruitment Committee. The deadline is the 28th of September 2020, at 3 p.m. The date of delivery of documents is important, not the date of shipment.

Please note: The documents must be delivered by post or courier service.

Do not send documents before the Recruitment Committee's decision about your admission to study.

Additional info

For more info contact Course Leader:

Professor Anna Witek-Crabb


or visit UE website.

Last updated Sep 2020

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