Bachelor in Business Administration


Program Description

This BBA is intended for young high school graduates willing to get a sound knowledge of international management.

The international perspective of business is declined on a three-dimension basis:

  • Step 1: France and its undeniable assets
  • Step 2: Europe as a central business focus
  • Step 3: a worldwide exposure

All our courses combine fundamental management theories taught by our searching faculty and business experts, carefully selected by our Pedagogical Committee, with real business learning: companies experiences, best practices collected from our experts, field trips and one semester abroad (at the end of the third year).

Objectives and advantages

After having been a high school pupil, you are becoming a business school student, this goes along a deep self-development that this School helps you to achieve throughout your BBA path.

In three years, this BBA intends you to:

  • Discover and express fully your potential
  • Learn the necessary know-how for a future manager-level career
  • Experience the globalization

This innovative BBA will take you along on a journey in today’s business challenges. To foster this business knowledge, you will:

  • Have general management courses always under the light of the international scope,
  • Deepen your language skills with a special focus on the growing centers of international trade (Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish),
  • Be prepared to the TOEFL score as early as your 2nd Year,
  • Get a more applied knowledge with a choice of electives in your third year,
  • Be embedded in different cultures with visits whether historically or business oriented, a field trip in a major European center, and a semester abroad.


This BBA will give you the skills expected from the 4.0 companies, namely:

  • Behavioral Skills
    Beyond a very important sense of responsibilities, you will develop autonomy, initiative, openness, and ability to propose new ideas.
  • Professional Skills
    In addition to the electives you will choose, you will be able to:
    • Define strategic orientations
    • Address the stakeholders expectations
    • Lead a team
    • Apprehend the international development of a business


  • 1st Year entry: Bac or International equivalent
  • 2nd Year entry: 1 year of higher studies or 60 ECTS
  • 3rd Year entry: 2 years of higher studies or 120 ECTS
  • A good English level is required, no specific score is required but you will be tested during your admission interview


Students can choose to work towards a General Degree, a Specialized Degree with one Major, or a Double Major Degree.

General Degree:

  • Students complete 24 credits, (8 senior courses of 3 credits each).

Specialized Degree with one Major:

  • Students complete 24 credits, (8 senior courses of 3 credits each). At least 15 credits, (5 senior courses), must be chosen in the desired major, and the remaining 9 credits can be taken from any major.

Double Major Degree:

  • Students complete 39 credits, (13 senior courses of 3 credits each).
  • At least 15 credits, 5 senior courses, must be chosen in the first desired major.
  • At least 15 credits, 5 senior courses, must be chosen in the second desired major, and the remaining 9 credits can be taken from any major.

Teaching method:

Our educational philosophy is based on developing in our students' qualities and values such as tolerance, understanding, and respect for others, as well as a sense of freedom that leads them out of any possible narrowness and prejudices toward a fuller awareness of themselves and the world.


Refresher session

  • Intensive Brush-up English
  • English Writing workshop
  • Intensive Brush-up Mathematics
  • Introduction to computers
  • Mathematics workshop

English courses

  • Oral skills and vocabulary Building I
  • Oral skills and vocabulary Building II
  • Reading and writing skills I
  • Professional Business Writing I
  • English Through Drama
  • ....

Business core courses

  • Managerial and cost accounting
  • Principles of economics
  • Business Finance
  • Algebra
  • Pre-calculus
  • ....

Business elective courses

  • Selected topics in business
  • Business communication
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Selected topics in communication
  • Introduction to emerging markets
  • ....

Senior courses (1 major: 24 credits, 2 majors: 39 credits)

  • Finance Major
  • International Business Major
  • Global Management Major
  • Human resource management major
  • New venture creation and family business Major
  • Marketing major
  • E-business Major

Languages and general education

General education courses

  • Basic drawing
  • Art appreciation
  • World's greatest composers
  • Music appreciation
  • Voice improvement
  • ....

Language courses

A course for any of the languages listed below will be offered for a minimum of 10 students:

  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Language courses can be offered at the following levels: elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced

Extracurricular activities

In this BBA, we look at our students as a complete young future leader and as such what is going on outside of the classrooms is also important.

As such, your three years of studies are built around cultural experiences. Your curiosity and your creativity are what will make you noticeable and different.

The First Year is dedicated to our French and Parisian surrounding. With a multi-centuries history, France is worldwide reputed for its lifestyle and its business leaders. The school will take you to major places.

The Second Year is dedicated to Europe as a leading business spot. Doing Business in Europe can be tricky although the assets of our old Continent are enormous. Visiting one of the major places in Europe (whether Berlin for its creative business and arts life, Brussels for being the center of politics in Europe, Milan for its luxurious and endogeneous art crafting, etc) is an important step in this BBA.

The Third Year will finalize this openness to the vast world of business through a semester abroad or the choice of electives to deepen your knowledge in more applied sectors such as Finance or Marketing.

We also expect from our Bachelor students to take part to pro bono activities, students life of the school, conferences organizations and to events dedicated to the visibility of the school in general (open school days, students fairs, etc). These community activities grant additional ECTS to our students.

Our pedagogical methodology

There four pillars to this BBA:

  • The theoretical framework
  • The learn by doing with real-life cases
  • International exposure as a true experience on campus
  • Business experts testimonials or experience sharing

This last pillar is essential to our pedagogy and to an accurate career building for our students. Whether it is seminars or master classes, our students will regularly meet business leaders and get with them an open interaction. We also expect from our students to be part of these testimonials definition and organization.

Career Perspectives

  • To continue graduate studies with the specialized MBA, to foster your skills
  • Enter the business world on a junior level


The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the year: from January to December.

The selection is made on CV and questionnaire of candidature, followed by an interview.

Conditions of admission:

  • All candidates must hold an American High School Diploma or its equivalent.
  • Students seeking to transfer to the BBA program of ESLSCA are required to provide the school with official transcripts of all their course work done after high school.
  • Transfer credit is awarded on a course-by-course basis, and according to the internal academic credit transfer policy of the ESLSCA-BBA.
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About the School

Forte de ses 70 ans d’expérience, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris propose une pédagogie équilibrée entre expérience pratique et méthodologie progressive. Depuis 1949, l’école a su développer ses activi ... Read More

Forte de ses 70 ans d’expérience, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris propose une pédagogie équilibrée entre expérience pratique et méthodologie progressive. Depuis 1949, l’école a su développer ses activités pour devenir un pôle d’excellence académique, notamment dans les domaines de la Finance, du Marketing, du Management et de la data. L’ESLSCA Business School Paris propose de nombreux cursus de formation tels que des programmes Bachelors, des MBA spécialisés ou encore des formations pour les professionnels. L’école a récemment emménagé dans son tout nouveau campus parisien de 8000m². Situé au cœur du parc de Pont de Flandre dans le 19eme arrondissement de Paris et accessible en RER, métro et tramway, ce nouvel espace moderne, lumineux et connecté a été pensé pour nos étudiants et pour leur épanouissement. Avec 15 000 anciens diplômés présents en France et à l'international, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris bénéficie d’un des réseaux les plus importants de ceux des grandes écoles de commerce et de management. Largement ouverts sur l’international, les programmes de l'ESLSCA Business School Paris contribuent à la formation des dirigeants de demain. Read less