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Bachelor of Biotechnology

The biotechnology program is designed to serve those students interested in pursuing a career in research or higher academic degrees. Majors will be well-equipped to compete for employment in major pharmaceutical or industrial laboratories, governmental laboratories, or not-for-profit research institutions and will be competitive for academic placement in graduate degree programs. In accord with the general mission of the University, courses are taught from a Christian worldview.

The biotechnology program provides students with scientific background and laboratory experience necessary for employment in biotech and pharmaceutical industries, for advanced studies in applications of biotechnology such as biochemistry or molecular biology, or to pursue advanced professional degrees (MD, MBA, law) with the emphasis in biotechnological issues. Career opportunities in the field of biotechnology include university teaching and research or biomedical research in hospital, academic, governmental, or industrial research laboratory settings. Students taking business courses, along with their biotechnology training, would also represent ideal candidates for jobs in management, sales, or marketing in biotechnological or pharmaceutical industries. The biotechnology program is an ideal preparatory tool for students planning to go to graduate school or other professional degree programs, or those students interested in pursuing a career as a research associate.


The possibilities for careers in the field of biotechnology are endless, depending on how you plan to apply the education you have received. Career paths in biology include research, health care, environment/conservation, education, forensics, politics/lobbying, business and industry, mathematics, communication, art and computer science/informatics.

Professional Degree Programs

  • Medical school
  • Dental school
  • Veterinary school
  • Podiatry school
  • Chiropractic school


  • Graduate School – Click on “Biology-Related Fields of Study” to see available programs at accredited schools.
  • Laboratory Research Technician
  • Laboratory Equipment Development or Sales
  • Technical Support for Laboratory Equipment or Supplies
  • Forensics (Biology or Biotechnology major with minor in Criminal Justice is recommended)

Health Care

A wide range of health-related careers can be explored here.


  • Teaching Middle School/High School
  • College Professor
  • Educators at Science or Nature Center
  • Science Writing and Communication

Computer Science

  • Bioinformatics

Research Opportunities

Several research opportunities exist for undergraduate students. Local companies that offer internship opportunities to students include:

  • Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
  • Monsanto
  • Pfizer
  • St. Louis Science Center Internship Opportunities

There are several large research universities in the St. Louis area that also may hire students to work in research laboratories as research technicians or undergraduate assistants. Interested students should routinely check the human resources websites of these universities:

  • Washington University – Click on “Research” in the “Job Category” tab and click “Search.”
  • Saint Louis University – Click on “Research” in the “Job Category” tab and click “Search.”
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
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