Bachelor in Biotechnology


Program Description

Biotechnology is the application of science and technology to living beings and their cellular or molecular behavior in order to advance knowledge of the same and produce goods or services. This is a field that combines a wide variety of areas, such as medicine and health, agro-food production, industrial production and the field of energy and the environment. The program in biotechnology teaches students to explore and manipulate living organisms with the purpose of inventing or improving products.

The program aims at developing strong core science concepts and provides students with practical training in the techniques of biotechnology. Furthermore, it integrates the laboratory and lecture components which in their combination realize the principle of interconnection between theory and practice.

The main objective of the program is to prepare students for employment opportunities in the critically important and dynamic biotechnology industry.

The curriculum tracks are:

  1. Production-technological training: analysis of the main ingredients of food products, determination of the components of raw materials, development, and implementation of new technologies.
  2. Breeding activity: a study of the source material for the selection of microorganisms, plants, and animals; the study of environmental factors on the genotype of microorganisms, plants, and animals in order to achieve their maximum productivity; the study of the features of breeding microorganisms, plants and animals, domestication of species.
  3. Service-operational activity: metrological support of production, elaborating standards and their certification.
  4. Experimental research: the study of properties and vital processes of biological objects; the study of biotechnological processes; design of biotechnological devices and equipment.

Components of the program

The four-year program is full-time, covering 253 ECTS. Theoretical courses are evenly distributed throughout the periods of academic study. The program includes two types of training as well: educational which helps students master theoretical courses to a full extent, and professional which brings students to manufacturing productions.


Students who are registered at Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University and have successfully completed the Biotechnology Bachelor’s program will obtain a degree of bachelor in biotechnology.

Career prospects

Biotechnological processes are used in a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceutics and healthcare, food, the environment, and fuels. The degree in Biotechnology provides multidisciplinary training that offers employment prospects in the areas of research, development, production and management and data protection, both in private and in public institutions.

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For entering the university you must provide the following documents:

  1. A statement addressed to the rector of the university;
  2. The original of the document of secondary education (general secondary education), technical and professional or higher education (certificate, college diploma, etc.)
  3. 6 photos (size 3x4);
  4. The medical certificate of a form 086-U (with a fluorography picture)
  5. The original certificate of UNT or CTA;
  6. The health passport (or 063 forms vaccination card);
  7. The identification document and its copy (identity card or passport).

Brief overview

Language of instruction English/ Kazakh/Russian
Duration 4 years
Number of credits 253 ECTS
Start time Autumn semester 2020 (September)
Study type Full-time
Specializations Natural Sciences
Field of interest chemistry, biology, technology


Coordinator of the program Head of Chemistry and Biotechnology Department
Nurgul Nurmukhambetova
International Affairs Office

Manager of International Affairs Office
Altynay Akhmetova

Last updated Nov 2019

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Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University is one of the leading regional universities in Northern Kazakhstan. It is more than 50 years in the lead of the education system. The university was established in 1996. Today Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University is a modern, actively developing higher education institution with a worthy tradition, great potential and serious plans for the future. Read less