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Bachelor in Aviation Management

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Aviation Management Specialization runs under the patronage of Deutsche – Lufthansa, one of the largest Airlines in Europe. Lufthansa coordinates in course design, trainings and internships for Aviation Management Specialization.

The market for air transportation has been undergoing a tremendous development during last few years. On the basis of research made by the Civil Aviation Authority, it is anticipated that the demand for aviation Management specialists will increase considerably in the next 15 years.

In order to meet the expectations of the market, the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (U.I.T.M.) has tailored a new specialty course in the field of Aviation Management, which provides an opportunity of acquiring skills in Aviation Management with a special focus on airport and airline, handling and operations. U.I.T.M. is the pioneer of this course in Poland and only fourth University in Europe offering such a detailed course on Aviation Management.

All the Aviation Management courses are held in English. During the first year, our students receive a thorough knowledge of various subjects, which have direct or indirect usage in Aviation Industry. The specialty modules begin from the 3rd semester. Our lecturers include international experts - practitioners, whose daily work is related to air transportation market. Their enormous experience is reflected in their quality of teaching.

During Aviation management studies, students will be acquainted with the courses like Aviation Management and policy, Aviation law and organizations, Airline Network Management, Airport management, Air cargo management, and Air Navigation.

Why choose this course

The Aviation Management specialty is more practice-oriented. During the course design and development, we incorporated the best European practices in education and business cooperation. While learning various course modules our students work on a large number of case studies that give them the opportunity to utilize their theoretical knowledge acquired during lectures. Learning in such a manner increases their ability of taking a critical approach to various issues, thinking creatively and using the best tools and economic indicators to solve a particular problem. Students are also taking part in a decision-game, where they make decisions and solve problems typical for airline managers. In addition, students also get airport processes and operations simulation certificate.

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