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Application deadline update

  • Non-EU/EEA students: 1 May (the original deadline of 1 April has been extended due to COVID-19)
  • EU/EEA students and students who do not need a study visa/residence permit through VU Amsterdam*: 1 June (the original deadline of 1 May has been extended due to COVID-19)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere now, and its importance is only going to grow. The media is full of it: AlphaGo, robots, driverless cars, etc. We all use AI technology each and every day. Searching with Google, recommendations on Netflix and Amazon, language recognition with Siri, machine translations, spam filters; all of these are a part of our everyday lives. Science and healthcare too would be unimaginable without artificial intelligence nowadays. Image recognition, diagnostic support tools, predictive models and other innovations provided by artificial intelligence are crucial in all areas of society. As an academic discipline, artificial intelligence holds the future – and could shape your future career. Studying AI at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is your route to success.

The Bachelor's programme in Artificial intelligence at the VU Amsterdam has two tracks: Intelligent Systems and Socially Aware Computing. You decide which option is best for you. The first year is the same for both tracks, the second year shares 40% of their programmes. This means you can switch very easily!

Intelligent Systems track
The Intelligent Systems track of the AI Bachelor’s degree programme focuses on building intelligent systems, i.e. on developing, applying and evaluating new intelligent algorithms. You will study how computers are able to learn automatically and how they accumulate, represent and apply knowledge on a large scale. This programme teaches you three main aspects: essential informatics skills and knowledge, such as programming, databases and algorithms; a sound foundation in mathematics in order to use and evaluate new methods, such as logic, algebra or statistics; and general AI methodology and technology, such as automatic learning and building intelligent systems.

Socially Aware Computing track
This track is unique in the Netherlands: you can only study Socially Aware Computing at VU Amsterdam. This programme focuses on helping people by using artificial intelligence. You will learn how to develop the tools and programmes that make people’s everyday lives more pleasant, safer and healthier. For example, you could develop an intelligent living environment for the elderly, smart training programmes for athletes, or intelligent sensors and devices to help deal with stress. We are seeing more and more applications of artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

Socially Aware Computing is very much a multidisciplinary programme. As well as basic knowledge about informatics and artificial intelligence, you will learn about other specialist areas, including psychology and health sciences. In addition, you will learn to investigate how people live and how to use technical skills to increase their quality of life. To this end, you will also learn how new technologies work, so that you can combine your medical and psychological knowledge and your AI and informatics expertise for application in theoretical and practical skills. This will allow you to make a difference in the future – or even during your studies, as undergraduate Fabian Dophemont did for his degree thesis on how the use of smart phones can be reduced when cycling.

This is what you will be doing
Artificial Intelligence combines psychology and biomedical subjects with modelling, information and communication. During your studies you will be experimenting, analysing and describing human processes and tasks. You will be developing aids and devices that understand these human processes and tasks. You will be studying at the Faculty of Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and as well as studying mathematics, AI, informatics and logic you will be attending courses at other faculties, including Psychology and Humanities.

Last updated Feb 2020

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