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Program Description

Art (Minor Outside of the Art Program Required) B.A. Degree

The goal of the art program is to provide an excellent educational experience that develops technical skills, critical and aesthetic judgment, and a sound knowledge of the visual arts appropriate to students seeking a general appreciation of the arts as well as to aspiring fine arts professionals. The faculty engages students in the discipline of visual art as a major component in the liberal arts tradition including studio practice and art history.

Students complete a common group of foundation and art history courses and then choose an emphasis area to develop a solid yet individualized program.

We offer a B.A. degree in Art with a choice of four concentrations which are listed below.

A targeted program:

The Art degree with its emphasis areas allows for a targeted program designed by the student. Courses are tailored to the students' areas of interest within the following emphasis areas:

  • Sculpture/Industrial Sculpture
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Ceramics
  • Photography

Courses are taught in an intimate setting with plenty of opportunity to work closely with faculty. We also offer travel courses that allow students to learn about different cultures and a variety of artistic traditions. Recent travel courses include Photography in Central Mexico and in the U.S. Western states.

*We do not currently offer game design or comics design.

Experiential Component

While all studio art courses are, by nature, experiential, the experiential component of the Art Major is specified as the successful completion of Art 398 Artist Practices, ART 497 Senior Studio, and ART 498 Senior Exhibition.

I. Common Required Courses (24 hours)

Foundations (Choose two of the following)

  • ART 101 Two-Dimensional Design
  • ART 102 Three-Dimensional Design
  • ART 104 Drawing Fundamentals
  • ART 130 The Color Course

Art History & Theory

  • ART 320 Ancient through Medieval Art in History
  • ART 321 The Renaissance through Impressionist Art in History
  • ART 325 Modern Art in the Twentieth Century

Advanced Study

  • ART 398 Artist Practices
  • ART 497 Senior Studio
  • ART 498 Senior Exhibition

A. Studio Arts Emphasis: (15 hours)

Introduction to Media: (Choose 6 hours from the following):

  • ART 204 Intermediate Drawing
  • ART 206 Introduction to Ceramics
  • ART 230 The Painting Studio
  • ART 215 Photoshop
  • ART 217 Introduction to Photography
  • ART 228 Introduction to Sculpture

Studio Practice: (Choose 6 hours from the following):

  • ART 304 Advanced Drawing
  • ART 306 Intermediate Ceramics
  • ART 330 Intermediate Painting
  • ART 317 Intermediate Photography
  • ART 328 Intermediate Sculpture

Advanced Study: (Choose 3 hours from the following)

  • ART 406 Advanced Ceramics
  • ART 411 Figure and Anatomy
  • ART 430 Advanced Painting
  • ART 417 Advanced Photography
  • ART 428 Advanced Sculpture
  • ART 450 Dir. Study in Advanced Studio Problems
  • ART 499 Internship

B: Graphic Design Emphasis: (15 hours)

Required Liberal Arts Core for Graphic Design only:

  • ECO 202 Microeconomics

Degree Specific Requirements for Graphic Design only:

  • BUS 304 Advertising
  • COM 101 Introduction to Mass Communication

Introduction to Media

  • ART 222 Basic Computer Graphics
  • ART 215 Photoshop
  • ART 232 Web Design X

Studio Practice

  • ART 322 Graphic Design: Print Media
  • ART 332 Graphic Design: Typography & Logo Systems

Daian Gan / Pexels

Art Education Endorsement

The student minoring in education must complete the Studio Arts emphasis area and include the following in their program:

ART 206 Introduction to Ceramics, ART 324 Art for Educators, ART 450 Directed Study in Advanced Studio Problems (With a focus on fiber arts)

Ferrum College offers teaching licensure in the art (grades PK-12) through the selection of a minor in Teacher Education with specialization in All-Level Education. This licensure requires passing state mandated testing prior to enrollment in EDU 402 – The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching Field Experience and EDU 403 – The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching Synthesis. Students pursuing licensure must complete all components of the Teacher Education Minor. PSY 211 & PSY 291 are required. (See Teacher Education minor)

Related Clubs

With over 50 clubs and organizations available to students at Ferrum College, these are specifically related to Art.

  • Art Club: Organization focused on art trips to museums and galleries and community service.
  • Kappa Pi: International Honorary Art Fraternity for majors who have shown a commitment to art and their studies.
  • Art/Design @ Ferrum College Facebook page
  • Panther Productions: Useful for artists interested in theatre productions and set design.
  • The Iron Blade: Opportunities for photographers & designers in the printed and online versions of the campus newspaper.
  • The Chrysalis (Art & Literary Magazine): Our annual publication for student art and literature. This is a student-designed magazine with many opportunities to submit your artwork or design layouts toward a professional publication.
  • Philosophy Journal: Opportunities for photographers and designers.

What could I be with this major?

Art Administrator, Art Teacher, Curator, Painter, Photographer, Muralist, Sculptor, Art Director, Graphic Artist, Print Designer, Web Designer, Display Artist, Museum Director, Illustrator, Potter, Art Therapist, Art Consultant.

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