Bachelor in Applied Computing


Program Description

Applied Computing program of International College was established in 2003. In line with global trends, different from other IT Departments in Taiwan, all the courses provided are conducted entirely in English throughout four years. Our students are not only from Taiwan but also from different countries around the world. The program uses ACM IT 2008 and IS 2010 as the reference architecture to design course framework to comply with the thriving development of IT industry.

Developments / Accomplishments

Applied Computing program (AC) is the first IT program in Taiwan conducted entirely in English throughout four years. It was founded in 2003. AC is a globalized program in regard to course content, sources of teachers, internship institutions and future employment. The goals of the program are clearly defined. All the teachers are professional and enthusiastic. The teaching materials are customized for students. The program cares about both technology, equipment, and cultures. The graduates' performances in the industries have been outstanding and highly praised. The features of this program are summarized below:

  1. Focusing on the cultivation of talents in Information Technology and education;
  2. Market-oriented course design integrating technology and professionalism;
  3. Professional and technological teaching, with a lot of opportunities for student exchanges, achieving internationalization;
  4. Excellent environment with cross-cultural activities and digital equipment for education; and
  5. Enrolled students with outstanding performances in various competitions and graduates being favored by industry for meeting needs with related talents.


The Applied Computing program at the International College aims to foster an environment that encourages students seeking a solid advancement of knowledge in the field of Information Technology aligned with regional economic and social development; through both practical experiences of Computing machines and theoretical study of Business.


  1. Nurture students to comprehend the ethical, societal and global issues. Strengthen students to become professionals with a sense of appreciation for the humanities.
  2. Enhance student with the essential knowledge to succeed in the field. Advance in the integration of information technology into the business domain.
  3. Foster students with the awareness of rapidly developing disciplines. Engage students in life-long learning.

Core Competencies

  1. The ability to apply fundamental techniques and tools in the computing disciplines.
  2. The ability to possess basic knowledge of common business practices.
  3. The ability to apply knowledge to the solution of practical problems.
  4. The ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively.


  • English as the language of instruction and interaction in class: The four-year undergraduate curriculum of AC is conducted in English, the first such program in Taiwan.
  • Cross-cultural interactions and global view in an international community: Currently, Applied Computing has 1/3 of students from different countries, including, USA, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Palau, Vietnam, Tuvalu, Sri Lanka, Gambia, Solomon, and more.
  • Dual degree and exchange options: AC encourages students to study abroad for one to two semesters at the universities which have cooperative agreements with Ming Chuan University.

Curriculum Framework

Last updated Sep 2018

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