Bachelor in Advertising


Program Description

Willem de Kooning Academy is the only art academy in the Netherlands that offers a major in Advertising.

Fancy a career in advertising & creative thinking? Choose the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam! Our students, tutors and alumni regularly hit the limelight by winning international awards and nominations. You will learn to become an all-around advertising or conceptual creative, the linchpin between interdisciplinary creatives and clients. You have a strong vision, passion and drive, and are always on the ball with the latest news, art, brands, and trends. You have a flair for communication and media strategies and a knowledge of creative, technical possibilities.

You will learn to explore and analyse complex issues before developing and thinking through strategic, creative concepts. It doesn't matter where, how or in which medium an idea is expressed; you have to start with a good one!

You will be working on projects in which you learn to position yourself and to influence those around you. You will determine the professional field in which you will graduate by completing an internship at a well-known communication agency or brand in the Netherlands or abroad.

You will combine a strong conceptual vision with drive and passion. You will have excellent communication and presentation skills. You will be ready to take on hefty challenges and be willing to work long hours. You will be a spider at the centre of the web: a team player who connects interdisciplinary creatives and clients.

Willem de Kooning Academy encourages you to take part in national and international award shows, such as Jonge Honden, the Spin Awards Young Talent award, hackathons, the Cannes Young Lion Competition, Young Guns, and the One Show Young Ones.

After graduating, you will start working as an all-around creative concept developer, art director, copywriter or creative strategist with a specialism in Commercial, Social or Autonomous Practices.


Career Opportunities

  • Chief Creative Officer
  • Art director
  • Copywriter
  • Experience designer
  • Concept developer
  • Creative digital concept developer
  • Creative brand develope
  • and more...

Creating Pioneers

Our successful Advertising alumni include: Joris Tol & Gijs Sluijters (winners of Cannes Lions, Eurobest, FWA and the ADCN Awards, working at DDB Amsterdam and previously at FHV BBDO); Tim Arts & Stefan van den Boogaard (winners of Cannes Lions, Eurobest and CCB Awards, working at DDB Brussels and previously at Mortierbrigade); Daan van Dam & Bas van der Poel – The WonderYears (winners SpinAwards Jong Talent, working at Anomaly Amsterdam, internship at JWT New York and CP+B Miami); Wouter Keijzer (founder and partner of From Form and winner of an ADC Merit Award); and Bryan Wolff & Daniel Sumarna (winners of the SpinAwards Jong Talent, working at Droga5 New York and previously Achtung Amsterdam).

Portfolio Checklist

Are you …

  • talented in visual arts?
  • independent and responsible?
  • dedicated and motivated?
  • entrepreneurial?

Then visit one of our Open Days or Open Evenings – and bring your portfolio! – and apply for admission.


A selection of 10-15 works which were preceded by a creative process

For example: designs, objects, photos, films, games, animations, fashion (accessories), furniture, models, drawings, posters, campaigns, paintings, usable artefacts and sculptures. You can publish and present all of this in a neat traditional portfolio folder, but you can also use different methods: 3D work can be brought in a (cardboard) box, digital work can be presented on a laptop or tablet.

Please note: apart from these works, please show us some other things you created. Make a careful selection between the two. That way, we can assess to what extent you have an insight into your own qualities and your own work.

Last updated Nov 2019

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About the School

The Willem de Kooning Academy offers contemporary and cutting edge art courses that complement changing, international practice. The outside world is no longer looking for the autonomous artist or the ... Read More

The Willem de Kooning Academy offers contemporary and cutting edge art courses that complement changing, international practice. The outside world is no longer looking for the autonomous artist or the graphic designer, but rather for people who possess a multitude of talents and skills and who look beyond the borders of their original discipline. Read less