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Program Description

Bachelor Architecture

Program Objectives

As part of the undergraduate Bachelor program learning outcomes are intended in the field of scientific, artistic and technical ability, the ability to methodical thinking of recognizing the cultural and social dimension of the profession as well as a general education and personality development.

Structure and content of the program architecture are based on the general requirements that are associated with the profession of architect and create the conditions to completion of the bachelor's program approval in the Chamber of Architects to the admission requirements of each of Architects of the country as an independent architect.

The teaching in the field of architecture with the aim of Bachelor study is practical and designed to planning and structural problems independently analyze and within specified working structures and integrated to solve. The training should enable them to solve undergraduate tasks of the architect to design, technical, economic, environmental, cultural and social levels.

Course structure, course guidance

The course is divided into three stages of study:

  1. Study section. 1 -. 3 Semester: Conceptually embossed phase for orientation

    After completion of the first Semester and at the end of the first study (. 3 Semester) Students will be discussions regarding the possible chances of success in studies and career offered. The first stage of study is completed when all the module / partial module examinations of the first three semesters have been passed (preliminary). Here above the student will receive a certificate.
  2. Study section. 4 -. 6 Semester: Pragmatic embossed phase of establishment of knowledge, practical semester. 6 semester

    A change in the second stage of study is only possible if the / the student has achieved a minimum of 5 modules (s. Timetable). Exceptions to this rule are the modules Wahlpflichtfach and impromptu. These modules can from. 3 Semester are occupied.
  3. Study Section 7. - 8th semester: consolidation of knowledge with its own gravity education under design exercises and electives.

Internship Semester

The internship in Bachelor of Science in the sixth Integrated semester. Prerequisite for the opening of the practical semester is the successful completion of the first Study section.

The duration of the practical semester is 100 days of attendance. During the internship semester the students will learn the planning and implementation processes in architectural practice with their content and interactions. He should know the circle of those involved in the planning and construction process and practice teamwork.

The practical semester can be completed in all Architect offices, offices of the authorities and appropriate consultants in the construction industry, where training by a registered architect (according to § 3 of the Baden-Württemberg Architects Act or corresponding provisions of other countries) is guaranteed. The internship can be carried out abroad in dedicated facilities. A change of internship is possible only in agreement with the head of the intern office.

The preparation of the internship takes place at an event with the director of interns Office. To follow the practical activities must be documented by a report describing the duration of training, their contents and references to practice and the extent of its activity of students. This report is for training in practice to be confirmed by the person in charge and at the end of the sixth Semester the internship office to deliver.

On the basis of activity reports and practice report is decided whether the students have successfully completed the practical semester. If the practical semester recognized as not completed successfully, it may be repeated once. Responsible for the decision of the Director of the Office interns.

To accompany the practical study semester a care is offered. The Head Office of the trainee decides on the particular design. The attention is focused on the individual circumstances of the trainees.

Coursework, research papers

In written examinations, students should demonstrate that they solve tasks in a limited time and without tools using the current methods of their discipline and edit topics. It applies to § 11 of the General Part of the study and examination regulations for the Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes at Hochschule Biberach. Duration and modality of the examination will be announced in the curriculum map.

Study work includes a written and additional graphical editing a task in the field of teaching while referring to the relevant literature and other appropriate tools. Students should demonstrate that they or the scientific development of a thread the expert documentation of an object are able. Scope and delivery arrangements are in accordance with the module manual on the curriculum maps or announced at the beginning of the semester.

In oral examinations, students should demonstrate that they are able to recognize the relationships of the test area and classify specific problems in these relationships. It applies to § 10 of the General Part of the study and examination regulations for the Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes at Hochschule Biberach. Duration and modality of the examination will be announced in the curriculum map.

Coursework based on presentations, drawings, models and objects can be produced within exercises, web tires, drafts or project work lecture-accompanying and not empty event concomitantly. Coursework based on presentations, drawings, models and objects include an oral examination in the form of university public presentation of the work result. Part of the oral test is to show the theoretical, scientific and artistic principles in relation to the developed solution, the architectural and urban plans and their materialization. If the coursework provided empty event concomitantly, they may additionally contain intermediate attestations (tour) in the form of university public presentations of intermediate results.

The processing time for coursework in the form of papers, drawings, models and objects is usually 1 semester. The processing time and the scope of services are specified in curriculum maps. These will be announced to students at the beginning of the semester. As the date of issue of the theme for design and project work applies the launch event in the first week of the lecture period of each semester.

must in the Bachelor Programme in semesters 3-8 of 6 elective courses are completed successfully.
If required limitations in the choice among the electives may be decided by the faculty.
Electives may also in other courses up to max. 4 credits are assigned. The recognition of the assignment or is not in the subject groups depending on topics. The Audit Committee shall decide on allocation, recognition and creditable achievement points, he may instruct the program director accordingly.
The inclusion in an elective course depends on the number of seats available in the relevant subject. This also applies to subjects of other courses.
There is no general right to occupancy of a particular elective subject.

The regime of electives applies mutatis mutandis to the choice of the design rate at the bachelor with the restriction that design offers other courses may not be perceived.

Impromptu designs
each impromptu designs offered 8 - In the Bachelor degree program are in the semesters. 3 Total 4 impromptu must be passed. The courses offered in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs may be identical.

Studium Generale
The General Studies must be completed within the interdisciplinary range of Biberach University with 2 credit points. These credits are not used to determine the grade point average.

The excursion / s is / are offered in an excursion week during the semester. Participation in two choice of excursions in the semesters 3 - Ex- offered 8 cursions is mandatory. Once a year in the modules "Presentation and Design" character as a mandatory field trip excursion. Grading is included in the module "Presentation and Design" as part of note, the weighting is determined by the examiner before the start of the tour.

In the context of the teaching excursions can take place also in individual subjects or interdisciplinary during and outside lectures. They are considered mandatory field trips, if learning outcomes and excursion destination, dates and times are part of the course. In case of inability for good cause adequate study compensation must be provided. The challenge and review of the compensation is done by the supervisor of the excursion.

Bachelor thesis

The thesis is a supervised examination paper is to show that the candidate is able to work on a problem from the subject field of architecture within the Bachelor program with the necessary methods in the specified period.

The thesis will be examined and evaluated by 2 examiners. The auditors are at the beginning of the semester in the first Week of the 8th Semester set by the Audit Committee and announced. If one of the auditors during the proceedings, the Audit Committee determines a replacement auditor. The two auditors define the tasks and give them at the beginning of the semester in the first or second semester known.

Admission requirements for the Bachelor's thesis is the successful completion of the practical semester and all coursework and examinations up to and including the seventh Semester except the module elective course. Following the announcement of the theme by the examiner, the candidate / the candidate of the dissertation must register them within a period of 2 weeks at the examination office. The date of issue is put on record.

The processing time of the thesis is a maximum of 4 months. The work will be managed in the form of seminars, which take place at regular intervals. The deadline and the date for the oral test shall be determined by the inspectors and announced with the release of the thread. The processing time of the thesis, at the request of, extended by the period of prevention test person on the grounds that this was not the fault of the Audit Committee The conclusion of the thesis are composed of a planning work and a university public colloquium on this work. On the date of sale the complete planning work must be submitted consisting of the required documents in the task (usually plans and models). It is at the same time as an expression in DIN A 3 form and digitally deliver.

The thesis is to imagine duration of an oral examination of 40 minutes. Part of the test is a presentation of 20 minutes on the content of the work. The oral test must be carried out as a rule within two weeks after delivery of the work. The examiner announce the date for the oral examination with the issue of work. Failure by the person to be examined the date of oral exam, the thesis with a grade of "insufficient" (5.0) will be assessed, unless the candidate for exceeding the deadline is not responsible. Here Rüber acting at the request of the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Formation of the module respectively. total marks

The module exam scores are calculated as the weighted by the credits arithmetic mean of all the respective module associated module part exam scores.

The overall grade is calculated from the weighted with credits arithmetic mean of the module grades. The grade of the Bachelor thesis is evaluated 3 times.

The overall grade of the thesis is calculated by weighting the Bachelor thesis with 2/3 and 1/3 colloquium.

The credits for the internship, the Studium Generale and excursions are not included in the calculation and weighting of marks.

Mobility window

The provision of study at a foreign university as part of a study abroad semester is possible. The study abroad semester can be spent in the third, sixth, or seventh semester.

The guidelines for study abroad semester and the guidelines for the recognition of credits earned abroad examinations apply.


About Recognition of study periods and study and examinations

  • from Germany
  • from abroad
  • acquired outside the university knowledge

The examination board decides the course. These are gem. Recognition Statute performed. The deadlines are set out in the general part of the study and examination regulations.

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