Bachelor Program in Aquaculture

Universitas Airlangga

Program Description

Bachelor Program in Aquaculture

Universitas Airlangga

Objective The Bachelor Program in Aquaculture is objected to prepare competitive graduates having good skills in analyzing and solving the problems in aquaculture particularly fish diseases and aquatic ecosystem problems, applying advanced aquatic technology in a sustainable way and providing advisory, regulatory and scientific guidance for the development of fisheries and aquaculture in Indonesia.

Course Description: The course taken in this faculty comprised of class-lecture activity, laboratory practice and fieldwork. In order to obtain a bachelor degree, the student must complete 146 credits within 4 years of bachelor study. Currently, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine conducts studies on Fish Disease, Sustainable Aquaculture, Seaweed Cultivation And Processing, Marine Biotechnology.

Outcome: This faculty produces graduates who have great readiness in playing an active role either in government or non-government organization. For instance, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine’s graduates are spread all across Indonesia in private fishery company, research center on fisheries and marine, and natural resources conservation agency

Alumnus’s testimonials

“I am proud to be a part of Universitas Airlangga, moreover, Fisheries and Marine Faculty. As a living witness to the development of the young faculty in UNAIR, there were a lot of achievements have been done. Fisheries and marine sector is still a bit considered by the young generation, whereas this sector will be the spearhead of the world progress, particularly Indonesia. Admittedly there are still many things that must be improved by this young faculty, but I have strong confidence that when we get into the 'developing' environment we actually will get a lot of opportunities to participate in the process, and grow up together with that environment. Lastly, this is not a campaign but my honestly witness that Faculty of Fisheries Universitas Airlangga will give you a lot of chances in every way for your self-growth.”

Ayulana Nafisyah (Alumnus 2010 -2014), Graduate Student, Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University, Japan

Current Foreign Student’s Testimonials Olive-Madagaskar (Bachelor Program in Aquaculture)

Why did you choose to study abroad?

The main reason that pushed me to follow my study abroad is to get more experiences than in my home country. Secondly, for my future career or business project in the future. Why did you choose Indonesia as your study destination?

Historically, our ancestor was from Indonesian sailor so I was curious to know more about Indonesian culture and language. Also, Indonesia is the best place I think, because of the geographical condition are closely the same with Madagascar. Therefore I could apply some technics used here to develop fisheries sector there.

Why did you choose F.F.M. Universitas Airlangga?

First, UNAIR is one of the best University in Indonesia. Second, I specially F.F.M. because fisheries and marine are rarely exploited sector or if it’ s very rudimentary. What is the personal outcomes as an International student?

I’ve experienced many things, that help me to expand the vision of my future career even if I’m halfway of my study

How is your study going?

It’s doing well. I’m practically halfway.

What is the main differences between Indonesia and your country in regards being a student? Indonesian and Malagasy students are not very different, but the education system is the one that makes the difference. In Indonesia, students are stimulated to campus activities whereas Malagasy students rarely have activities other studying.

Please tell students in your country before moving to Indonesia!

In case if one of my friends or siblings or acquaintances got the chance to study in Indonesia I will surely recommend them to study here.

What is your future planning? I am planning to go back to my home country as I wanna be a part of my country’s development. I am confident that I will be a considered scholar after graduated from F.F.M. UA

Partner Universities

  • Southeast Asia Region (assisted by ASEAN-Fisheries Education Network)
  • Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Nong Lam University, Vietnam
  • Chan To University, Vietnam
  • Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
  • Kasetsart University, Thailand
  • Rajamangala University, Thailand
  • Outside Southeast Asia
  • Pukyong National University, South Korea
  • Hiroshima University, Japan
  • Nagasaki University, Japan
  • National Chengkung University, Taiwan
  • Miami Dade College, USA
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July 2018
Indonesia - Surabaya
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