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​The Bachelorstudiengang economic computer science may as distance studies alongside career With presence lectures be completed at the Berlin, Friedrichshafen, Kassel, Leipzig and Munich. In this study, the form will be held the lectures at about 12 Saturdays per semester.

Furthermore, the distance learning industry as computer science virtual distance learning With online lectures be occupied. In particular, for part-time students, this study form a largely location-independent possibility of continuing with the greatest possible flexibility.

A pure presence studies the program Industrial computer science can be occupied at the Bad Sooden-Allendorf. The financial statements as Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Wirtschaftsinfomatik qualifies graduates for a subsequent master's program, for example for training master for MBA at Diploma University.

Bachelor Program in Business computer science

The program Industrial computer science includes the scientific planning, development and use of information and communication systems. These business administration and computer science as well as portions of the engineering and law are combined into one interdisciplinary.

The study computer science industry comprises professional knowledge to analyze information systems for business processes in the modern information society and optimize. This includes preparation for industry 4.0, Big Data and "the internet of things".

By choosing one of the three elective priorities E-Business, Software Engineering or Intelligent Database Systems is possible an individual and labor-market differentiation and specialization within the study.

Economic computer science in practice

Successful completion of a Bachelor of classroom or distance learning offers the graduates various career opportunities. In all areas where a high IT-Reference is, writes the business computer science application such. B. IT departments or in business departments with distinct task areas in information technology.

The occupations of the application developer and System Analyst are for graduates of economic computer science courses to the main occupations in the core area of ​​information technology.

Normal period

Distance learning: 7 semesters / 180 ECTS The actual study time can be extended study free of charge up to 4 semesters over the normal period.


Accreditation of the course eV by the accreditation agency AQAS

Tuition and Fees

Distance learning: € 247.00 / month (. Total amount € 10,374.00 plus one-off examination fee of € 615.00)

study form

Presence or distance learning. Distance learning takes place alternating between self-study with study booklets and all-day Saturday-seminars (about 12 Saturdays per semester) at one of our numerous nationwide study centers or online in "virtual auditorium" of DIPLOMA online campus.

admission requirements

General higher education entrance, the master craftsman examination or according to the regulation on access vocational qualifications to higher education in the state of HessenIe either end of a professional career advancement of at least 400 hours, a technical school or a professional or administrative academy or audit in a nationally recognized training occupation followed by at least 2 years of work and existence of a special university entrance examination.

More information on specific accounts granted the DIPLOMA Hochschule like on demand. Applicants / inside, which do not meet the above conditions can initially participate as an auditor in the study, if the access authorization within max. 2 semesters is achieved.

In foreign degrees equivalence for admission must be proved.


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Graduates obtain a Bachelor's certificate and a certificate as well as a in English authored "Diploma Supplement" and a "Transcript of Records" (Transcript of Records) that she / deport him internationally as an academic with a bachelor's degree.



The elective focus in e-business program Industrial computer science (B.Sc.) includes three modules

  • E-business applications
  • Development of e-business applications
  • E-Business Project

From the perspective of e-business is in this focus, the development and design of e-business applications in the foreground. According to the acquired knowledge is deepened and implemented in an individual project work.

software Engineering

The elective focus in software engineering program Industrial computer science (B.Sc.) includes three modules

  • Depression Software Engineering
  • Software project management
  • software project

Focus is deepening in the modern software engineering with appropriate project management methods. At an individual software project the acquired knowledge is deepened and consolidated.

Intelligent Database Systems

The elective focus Intelligent database systems in program Industrial computer science (B.Sc.) includes three modules

  • Data warehousing
  • Data Mining
  • Project intelligent database systems

Focus in this priority is the issue of "big-data" and modern techniques with the large amounts of data of Internet society systematically, profitably deal. At an individual database project the acquired knowledge is deepened and implemented.

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