Bachelor of Public Relations


Program Description

Communication techniques at the heart of the economic world and the media

Interface between the management and the internal and external public, the public relations manager is responsible for managing the image of his organization by establishing and designing:

  • A communication plan and using in a relevant way the communication tools adapted to target audiences.
  • A media plan in line with the company's strategy, and managing press relations , social networks , web and audiovisual information.
  • Events tailored to the needs of the organization, plan tasks, manage teams, control the budget.

The knowledge of the professional environment and the perception of its socio-economic environment are essential elements to carry out its mission.

Public Relations, a versatile function

To meet the multiple expectations of interlocutors and open access to all sectors of activity , training develops:

  • knowledge : general knowledge and specific techniques of communication and foreign languages ​​studied;
  • know-how : practice is always at the heart of pedagogy;
  • well-being : a quality relationship depends on a personality that is both assertive, attentive to one's interlocutors and able to react to unforeseen circumstances.

Communication applied through concrete experiences

In addition to individual work (documentary research, elaboration of documents, presentations, etc.) and team work, the training of HELB is distinguished by:

PR Work in Public Relations at HELB

An entire professional organization, objectives to achieve, but above all a state of mind to acquire ... ..

Practical work or PR in Public Relations (PR) within the economic category of HELB offer, from the first year , a pragmatic approach to studies that, through the confrontation with field practice, complete and nuance theoretical training.

Their main aim to give students the opportunity to organize and implement specific strategies of communication and public relations in the context of open source projects in the first year and by private customers in the second year. Students will have the opportunity, in this context, to work different types of individual and collective skills according to the different tasks they will take part in.

The operation of the TP'S is modeled on that of a PR agency. The agency PrilyaCom ' responds to requests from external clients and the purpose of the program of the Helb Ilya Prigogine: they can extend from a general conceptual work (development of a com. Plan, design of a com. . digital, or even an event script), to broader communication actions than events (promotional documents or com., sites, ..), while not excluding exceptional events and events. scale.

With this in mind, tools are given as part of the project management course in the first year , and reinforced on an ad hoc basis, in the second year, in various fields, but important for the realization of a TP'S: event script, budget , check list security / safety ... .. the emphasis is always deliberately put on a more appropriate professional vocabulary in an agency context. Ex: employees, customers, brief, lead ...

More than ever, TP coordinators rely on the collaboration and involvement of everyone. This assignment assigned to TP is never without surprises, unforeseen, dysfunctions perhaps. The dialogue, the permanent consultation, the regularity of the work generally help to overcome all these difficulties!

At the end of Tp's, students are generally certain of the choice of their studies ... .. !!!

The Com Trophy Strat

The Com Trophy Strat is an integrated communication exercise for an external client.

The Strat'Com Trophy in 10 points:

  • A competition
  • One customer
  • The same briefing for all
  • Putting all the materials into practice
  • All decisions and choices belong to you ...
  • A group work week as in an agency
  • Coaching by professionals
  • An unforgettable experience
  • Stress, sweat drops and a desire to excel.
  • And a reward ...

Last year, our client / advertiser was the Blood Service of the Belgian Red Cross for the French speaking part

2 internship experiences in a professional environment

RP internships are key moments in the student journey.

Personally supervised, the students orient themselves towards an organization according to their choice, their profile and the advice of the internship coordinator. A listing of internships is posted on the e-campus as well as many offers sent to the section. The internships take place in Belgium, in the framework of Erasmus + or abroad according to the choice of the student.

After a year and a half of training, a first experience of insertion of 6 weeks allows the student to discover a professional environment, to invest in it and ends with an internship report.

At the end of the course, a 9-week integration internship brings a deepening of professional practices. The student conceives a project of internship in connection with his work of end of studies. He integrates into an environment and a team by being an effective collaborator.

Public Relations enriches thanks to foreign languages

As part of the public relations training, students follow three languages: English (compulsory language), and two languages ​​to choose from among German, Spanish and Dutch . Basic knowledge is required for English and Dutch courses, while German and Spanish do not require prior knowledge. Indeed, these last two are taught from the basic level.

The courses offer a practical approach to the languages ​​studied and evolve, during the four-month period, towards the study of the professional vocabulary specific to public relations. In addition to language courses, some general courses are taught in English and / or Dutch, offering students the opportunity to practice the languages ​​studied outside the specific context of the language course.

Personalized support

The Apprenticeship Methodology course invites you, at the beginning of the new year, to develop your potential and personal resources. The following steps are carried out:

  • Realization of a project of life preparing for the CV and to target a suitable TP in Q2, a place of training in Q4 according to your deep expectations and thus to motivate you. The life project allows you to find your personal ambitions and not necessarily those that education or society tell you to follow, to become aware of your values, goals in life
  • Learning to learn> by becoming aware of your learning profile (some are more visual than audio for example, but this example is caricatural because there are other profiles that will also be discovered)> working to improve your management time, the esteem of you and your confidence, your memory, your concentration, your motivation

This Apprenticeship Methodology course is closely related to the Business Succession Support Service (SAR), because it is the same person who is responsible for both approaches and the goal is the same: to acquire methods of learning and succeed.

The "SAR" offers you a personalized coaching in school with the head of the Service, at the request of the student Q1 and Q2.

As soon as there seems to be no work or no work, the SAR manager will contact you in November to consider ways to upgrade.

The SAR coordinates the remedies offered in some courses as well as the peer tutoring (remediation given by a student who has passed the evaluation of the learning activity the previous year)

Public relations internationalize: Erasmus +

The development of international trade is a constant concern of HELB - Ilya Prigogine. Our Erasmus or other type of exchange programs make it possible to study or carry out internships abroad from the second year.

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