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Social work

target of Bachelor's degree in Social Work It is optimally prepare students for varied applications in social work. The program can be completed in addition to a professional activity. In addition to the bachelor's degree to get the Absolvent_innen State recognition as a social worker / social worker or social worker / social worker.

In eight semesters Bachelor distance learning provides "Social Work" Knowledge and skills for activities in the various fields of action of social work and opens the possibility to actively and technically sound participate in the socio-political transformation process.

Study social work alongside the profession

is the focus of the program to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for the tasks in the core areas of activity such as the Children and Youth Services, the cultural and leisure sectors, including media relations, refugee assistance and care, psychosocial counseling, to enable promotion and prevention in health care.

The study of social work aimed at people who either directly after completing their formal university entrance qualification or as part of their professional activity - in the course of further training or reorientation leading to an academic degree. In addition, students acquire the skills of scientific work and research in the field of social work.

Social work in practice - Increasing demand for academic professionals

The study is characterized by a high practical content. In addition to the specialized teaching staff and the students bring their practical experience in the study of a reflect the practice with the acquired theoretical knowledge from the study.

After the successfully passed Bachelor of Social Work and the additional qualification as Staatl. App. worker / Sozialpädagoge or social / Sozialpädagogin arise for a variety of professional Absolvent_innen perspectives. Social workers working in child and youth social work, debt counseling, in homes and group homes where seniors help in the management of clubs and associations, advice centers, in health departments, in general, social services, rehabilitation of people with disabilities in family education centers in socio-cultural centers and training institutions and in intercultural district and community work.

Normal period

Distance learning: 8 semester 180 ECTS The actual study period can be free of charge study extended by up to 4 terms on the normal period.


With sufficient number of participants in the winter term (October) and summer term (April)


Accreditation of the study program through the accreditation agency AHPGS.

Tuition and Fees

Distance learning: € 197.00 / month (total amount € 9,456.00 plus. One-off examination fee of € 615,00 plus Administrative expenses Professional Certificate State recognition as a social worker / social worker or Social Worker / Social Pedagogy € 150,00)

study form

Distance learning with real or online classroom sessions: Distance learning takes place alternating between self-study with study booklets and all-day Saturday-seminars (about 12 Saturdays per semester) at one of our numerous nationwide study centers or online in "virtual auditorium" of DIPLOMA online campus.

In the 5th, 6th, 7th And 8. Semester is 100 days practical phase for the "State recognition" provided; one off a profession in the field of social work in parallel with the study is possible.

admission requirements

General university entrance qualification, Fachhochschulreife, passed master examination or according to the regulation on the access of vocationally qualified persons to the universities in the state of Hesse, ie either

Completion of a career advancement of at least 400 hours, a technical college or a professional or administrative academy or

Final examination in a state-recognized vocational training course followed by at least 2 years of professional activity and the existence of a separate university entrance examination.

More information on specific accounts granted the DIPLOMA Hochschule like on demand. Applicants / inside, which do not meet the above conditions can initially participate as an auditor in the study, if the access authorization within max. 2 semesters is achieved.

In foreign degrees equivalence for admission must be proved.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) and state recognition as a social worker / social worker or Social worker / social worker.

Graduates obtain a Bachelor's certificate and a certificate as well as a in English authored "Diploma Supplement" and a "Transcript of Records" (Transcript of Records) that she / deport him internationally as an academic with a bachelor's degree. In addition, the state approval is granted as a social worker / social worker.

Study contents

The total number, including Bachelor thesis, is 15 modules. In the field of compulsory electives you can choose one of the following fields of study:

  • Social work with children and young people
  • Psychosocial counseling and health
  • Professional challenges in social work through digital media.

The study program "Social Work" also imparts knowledge and professional core competencies in the following areas (see Overview modules and events under further information):

  1. Ethical, socio-philosophical, sociological, educational, psychological, medical, educational media, legal and political foundations of social work
  2. Theories and Methods of Social Work
  3. Administration, organization and management in social work
  4. Social work in the cultural context
  5. Gender & Diversity
  6. Communication, collaboration in teams, conflict management


With the bachelor's degree and professional certificate as "Staatl. App. Social worker / social worker Social worker / social worker "are open to a variety of career options. A successful bachelor's program is also the basis for a master's degree, which in turn can lead to a doctorate.

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