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Program Description

Graphic Design

​The Bachelor Degree Graphic Design is intended as occupational studies To people who want to use their creative talents professionally in the future and who have a strong interest in the professional visual treatment of information.

The normal period for the program is in graphic design distance learning 7 semesters and im presence studies full-time six semesters. A campus program is currently offered at the Study Center Leipzig and in Stein / Nuremberg. The Fernstudium graphic design can be completed at all DIPLOMA locations throughout Germany.

studying graphic design

The study of graphic design with a bachelor's degree in both distance and postgraduate studies is designed as a practical training course, which meets the real requirements of agencies as well as the students' expectations of their work.

Basis of the program is a sound design basic training, which is extended to general knowledge in business administration and marketing.

The visual presentation of information nowadays affects all popular media of daily life, accordingly, the design of print through online media and web applications to mobile up and interactive applications is an integral part of the course. In the main course is a choice between the priority areas of Digital Communications and Corporate Communication (Corporate Communications).

In addition to the design skills and knowledge students acquire relevant marketing skills and business knowledge.

The job of a Graphic Designer

The combination of creative skills with commercial and marketing-relevant know-how qualifies the graduates both for management positions in the design and advertising industry as well as for the step into self-employment. With the successful completion of the Bachelor program The graduates also have knowledge of the scientific background of their subject area and are able to analyze these and apply them in their professional practice.

Normal period

Distance learning: 7 semesters / 180 ECTS The actual study time can be extended study free of charge up to 4 semesters over the normal period.


With sufficient number of participants in the winter term (October) and summer term (April).


Accreditation of the course by the accreditation agency FIBAA.

Tuition and Fees

Distance learning: € 247.00 / month (. Total amount € 10,374.00 plus one-off examination fee of € 615.00)

study form

Presence or distance learning. Distance learning takes place alternating between self-study with study booklets and all-day Saturday-seminars (about 12 Saturdays per semester) at one of our numerous nationwide study centers or online in "virtual auditorium" of DIPLOMA online campus.

admission requirements

General higher education entrance, the master craftsman examination Or by a demonstrated outstanding scientific or artistic talent (Begabtenprüfung the DIPLOMA University at baseline).

More information on specific accounts granted the DIPLOMA Hochschule like on demand. Applicants / inside, which do not meet the above conditions can initially participate as an auditor in the study, if the access authorization within max. 2 semesters is achieved.

In foreign degrees equivalence for admission must be checked. If you want, we can consider a voluntary submitted wallet on artistic and technical design ability and give you during the first semester feedback to ensure your academic success.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Graduates obtain a Bachelor's certificate and a certificate as well as a in English authored "Diploma Supplement" and a "Transcript of Records" (Transcript of Records) that she / deport him internationally as an academic with a bachelor's degree.


The successful bachelor's degree in graphic design gives the alumni a broad and interesting field of activity. Graphic designers can find employment in a wide range of consumer goods, capital goods, - Marketing, - creative media and advertising industry. The professional qualifications are primarily in the design workspace, but also in the line of advertising agencies and media companies. Graphic designers have the ability to problems that do not belong to their original field of knowledge to quickly capture, analyze and abstract. For this reason, they also often the advisory role of the external consultant usually the falls to.


Digital applications

The center of gravity module Digital applications in the amount of 20 credits of the program Graphic Design Consists of the 3 events

  1. Information / interface design
  2. Complex screen design
  3. Digital project applications

are educational objectives of the module that students solve complex problems of interface design and information understandable summarize quickly detected and easy to find in digital applications that perform complex creative tasks for digital information carriers taking into account the latest developments and scientific and artistic knowledge and skills autonomously in a apply its own project and deepen.

Corporate Communication - Corporate Communications

The focus module Corporate Communication - Corporate Communications in the amount of 20 ECTS of the course graphic design includes the following three events:

  1. Corporate Communication
  2. Corporate Design
  3. Applied Project Corporate Communications

are educational objectives of the module to understand strategic decisions in the field of corporate communications and conceptual and / or advisory implement in various fields, a complex corporate to conceive Design for different types and sizes of companies and institutions and implement the scientific and artistic knowledge and skills independently apply in a separate project and deepen.

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