Bachelor Modeler Creator


Program Description

This training is specifically designed for those wishing to enter the world of work as early as the third year. This course is carried out alternately and combines the benefits of a qualifying education with a convincing experience in business. You will deepen the very advanced techniques of model making by the exploitation of methods that have no limit. At a professional level, this improvement will open doors that are difficult to access for major brands because of their requirements. You will also have the opportunity to specialize in IT via Lectra Systems, software specifically developed for large luxury ready-to-wear companies. Every day, there is a need in the market for professional modelers to master CAD.

This training prepares you, among others, to the professions of modeller / dressmaker specializing in CAD, you will be operational (lles) with fashion designers or open your own fashion design workshop.


  • For Bachelors (Bac, Bac pro)
  • Candidates with a BTS specialized in Fashion or graduates from a school of fashion
  • To ModeEstah students from the Initial Private Cycle.

An entrance competition will determine direct entry alternately.

This professional certification is accessible through VAE.


The Creator Professional Creative Curriculum takes place over 4 years: 2 years in initial training 2 years alternately.

We help expand your skills in model making, design and design by providing you with highly qualified training oriented to the needs of the market. This is not only about integrating the company's requirements into your development, but also about using your creativity and originality as added values ​​in the job market. It's up to you to define your place, to give meaning to your journey!

The Pedagogical Team, a real interface between you and the world of the fashion company, accompanies you in your professional evolution. Through personalized follow-up, you will be asked to define your career goals.


As soon as you become part of this Higher Curriculum, your professional career begins ...

Used as a teaching resource, the alternation allows you to combine both the teaching of fashion and its implementation in the company. This immersion is not only a rewarding experience but a real plus in the job market where the acquisition of professional skills is paramount. Many of our partners who, excited by the efficiency of our students during their training, offer them a permanent job at the end of it! A strong personal implication is required, which, combined with our pedagogy, will transform you ...

In your search for a host company, you benefit from the important panel of Fashion Brands with whom we have been working hand in hand since 1991.


  • To acquire a significant professional experience
  • Develop the individual creative language, to allow the emergence of your personal universe;
  • To acquire a logic of work which will allow you to conceive with ease all the ranges of products defined in your program by respecting the quality and the rhythm required in the companies of ready-to-wear or the fashion houses.
  • Perfecting his modeling skills (canvas, patronage, cad)
  • Develop a speed of execution thanks to the availability of our powerful computer equipment and our professional software in phase with the current needs;
  • Open to an international vision of fashion through the practice of operational English; one of the key factors for future success.



  • Panorama of Art
  • marketing
  • Communication


  • Stylism - Modelism
  • Fashion Creation


  • Computer Assisted Design Software (CAD Lectra System)


  • Professional English


Duration of the training: 2 years in the form of alternating courses.

Annual training hours: 500 to 1000 hours.

The rhythm of classes is alternated with an active life in a fashion company. Company presence is about 3/4 of the time.


  • MCQs : These punctuate the year. It covers all the disciplines studied during the training.
  • The collection project : A true aim of this course which he validates, it will be presented before a jury composed of influential actors of the profession, in the form of show or original presentation.


The title Creator Creator Level II- Code NSF 240 is registered at the RNCP (National Register of Professional Certifications)

Decree published in the OJ of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment on 03/03/17 issued at the end of the 4th year

Last updated Jun 2018

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MODE ESTAH est l’Ecole des hautes études pour le secteur de la Mode et du Luxe. Ecole indépendante, à taille humaine, elle est le lieu où l’on pense et ou la transversalité des compétences vous engage pleinement sur le terrain. Read less