Bachelor Marketing and Sales Management (BA)


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Program Description

More and more companies are expanding their sales. No wonder! Because in the markets, the digitization of production processes will make the production processes more homogenous and the focus will shift to marketing and sales. There are exciting fields of activity. For sales professionals who also have a broad marketing know-how, there are great opportunities.

Your study structure

Your degree program Marketing and Sales Management (BA) is structured into three sections, which will bring you to your degree:

First stage of study

The program starts with a consideration of operational functions and provides a well-founded basic knowledge. You will learn basic sales and marketing strategies and the basics of business administration that you can build on as you progress through your studies.

Second stage of study

The second section is the foundation for your profiling. He deals with the strategy of marketing and takes a look at information gathering with market research. Current marketing instruments and specifics of B2B marketing as well as sales are also in focus.

Third stage of study

In the last third, it goes into the wells. From six subject areas , you choose two fields of study with which you are intensively involved. This will make you a true expert in your field.

In order to optimally prepare for your professional life and your degree, you now create a project with a practical task.

Your perspective in distance learning marketing and sales management

You are already working in marketing or sales and now want to expand your skills? Then, after completing this degree program, you will be offered numerous job opportunities in national and international companies and organizations. You take the lead for sales projects with both B2C and B2B procurement as well as complex sales objects. You work in marketing and face strategic sales tasks.

Even as a consultant around the marketing orientations of companies and their sales activities, you are in great demand with your expertise - whether as an employee or on an independent basis. As a sales representative, you work closely with various sales service providers. With your degree you lay the foundation for your career and the entry into a leadership position eg as a sales manager, key account manager or in a higher position at the interface between sales and marketing or product development. The leap into self-employment is also possible with this degree program.

Semester Overview

Semester 1

  • Key qualifications for study and work
  • Basics of economics
  • Basics of business
  • Basics of Marketing Management
  • Fundamentals of personnel management
  • Basics of production and material management

Semester 2

  • Personnel management and development
  • accounting
  • Business Mathematics
  • Basics of cost and activity accounting
  • Economic order and economic policy in Germany
  • Basics

Semester 3

  • statistics
  • Investment and financing
  • Operative controlling
  • Fundamentals of contract law
  • Commercial, corporate and competition law
  • Phase-oriented management and organization

Semester 4

  • Strategic Marketing for Sales
  • marketing research
  • Marketing instruments for sales-oriented enterprises
  • Sales on B2B markets
  • Personal sale
  • Project Workshop

Semester 5 - 6 and specialization

compulsory modules

  • Project
  • Final exam Bachelor thesis

Your choices and opportunities

In the fifth and sixth semester you choose your two very personal specializations from six exciting areas:

  • Strategic personnel management
  • Service Management
  • Leadership
  • Gründungsmanagement
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sectoral marketing

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  • Seminars (optional): complementary to the virtual forms of learning. Immediately apply what you have learned in concrete professional issues!
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Die AKAD-Gruppe versteht sich als innovativer Bildungsanbieter im Fernstudium. Mit staatlich und international anerkannten Studienabschlüssen sowie durch Weiterbildung auf hohem Niveau tragen wir zum persönlichen und beruflichen Erfolg unserer Kunden bei. Read less
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