Bachelor Management Information Systems


Program Description

The American labor force used to be driven by two hands and a little elbow grease. When a toiling worker became sick, productivity declined dramatically and it was up to a doctor to diagnose the problem and keep the wheels of industry churning.

Today we have a new player in the working world—a digital co-worker called technology. This technology is the means by which most business communications, transactions, and information is shared, managed, and stored. Who can set up the networks, create more security, add more efficiency, develop plans and programs, and troubleshoot the problems to maintain high levels of productivity? The M.I.S. (Management Information Systems) graduate of Northwood University!

The M.I.S. program is continually assessed and rebuilt to ensure the program is up-to-date with current trends in the business world. You’ll have the best of both worlds, a proficiency in technology and a business management background. As a result, the average starting salary for Northwood University’s recent graduates exceeds $40,000. Cha-ching!

A Degree that Works

M.I.S. majors are needed in nearly every industry. Here are a few positions held by our graduates:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Data Specialist
  • eRecord Program Manager
  • Information Technology Analyst
  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Manufacturing System Analyst
  • Network Manager
  • President
  • Senior Manager of Vendor Relations
  • Senior Systems Administrator
  • Technical Lead
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Web Application Analyst
  • Web Developer

A partial list of companies who currently employ our graduates include:

  • Dow Corning Corporation
  • Healthport LLC
  • Infinite Solutions Group, Inc.
  • IT Networks at SAIC Motor
  • PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
  • UNT Health Science Center
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Valassis Communications, Inc.
  • Western Union Company

Education in Action

  • Our capstone class project brings an entire class together to solve real-world business problems for real businesses, check out the 2014 M.I.S. Senior Project.
  • As an M.I.S. student, you will learn how to analyze an organization’s informational needs and design a computer-based system to meet them. You will then direct the implementation and operation of the system. It’s all you!
  • While it may sound like gibberish to the average person, to you the idea of creating business applications in an event-driven programming language such as the current version of Visual Basic.NET™ or C#.Net sounds great. Add to that the development of user interfaces, use of controls, writing/debugging code, and the creation of interactive menus and you’ll see when we say “hands-on” we mean it.
  • You will receive a background in programming and software engineering, data systems analysis and design, network management including security management, database creation and administration, and Internet management including web development.
  • You will use modern application development products as prototype tools in the systems development process.
  • By studying the programming languages, operating systems and key applications, you will learn to create and control the process of data flow and networking from the ground up.
  • Join the Northwood Management Information Systems Club and any join any of our business clubs such as Business Professionals of America, the American Marketing Association, or the American Advertising Federation to name a few.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to work with local companies as interns within the M.I.S. field.
Last updated Feb 2018

About the School

The mission of Northwood University is to develop the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society.

The mission of Northwood University is to develop the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society. Read less