Bachelor Luxury - Trade Trades


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Program Description

This program meets the needs of brands in commercial profiles, adapted to the challenges of the 3rd millennium. The latter must be cultivated, polyglot, technophile, multicultural and charismatic. They must also have a trades versatility.

Associating a rigorous academic education of the fundamentals of the company to the technical disciplines of the trade of the products with high added value, the 3 years of this Bachelor also give a priority to a transmission of the know-being and know-how, artistic culture, art of live, behavioral techniques, multicultural openness ...

Regular meetings with industry professionals bring to this program what has been the success of Sup de Luxe for 30 years: the recognition of brands and houses and the interest they have in providing future employees.

The Bachelor of Sup de Luxe is the only business training to benefit from such a sponsorship and professional environment. It is the ideal springboard to join the MBA Specialized Sup de Luxe or integrate the professional world of Brands and Houses.


  • Three years of practical training, general and sectoral with many internships.

Targeted trades

  • Buyer, Area Manager, Sales Representative, Visual Merchandiser, Retail Coordinator, Store Manager, Sales Representative, Commercial ebusiness, Logistics and Supply Chain Manager, etc.


  • 1st year on post-Bac exam (ES, L, S, STT, STMG).
  • 2nd year on competition post bac 1 / bac 2 of the management-commerce sector.


1st year

Discovery and understanding of the luxury sector

  • General culture, history and issues of the sector
  • Customers
  • Economy and culture
  • Fundamentals of Commercial Law
  • Sales techniques
  • Written and oral expression
  • IT tools
  • LV1: English / LV2: Chinese beginner
  • Self-knowledge, personal evolution
  • Behavioral techniques, label
  • CV, cover letters, interview preparation
  • 13 weeks of internship in a shop or at a point of sale

2nd year

Discovery and understanding of the trades of commerce in the luxury sector

  • Geopolitics / Economics and Economic Policy
  • International development of luxury brands
  • Luxury and digital: social networks, e-commerce, e-marketing
  • CRM
  • Analysis of customer and intercultural behavior
  • Merchandising, visual merchandising, sensory marketing, customer experience and emotion
  • Team building
  • General Accounting and Management Fundamentals
  • Trademark law
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • LV1: English / LV2: Chinese beginner
  • Professional project construction
  • 8 weeks of "commercial" internship in France or abroad

3rd year

Understanding the commercial and marketing strategies of luxury brands

  • marketing
  • Strategic Marketing Operational
  • Finance (financial aspects of the business, in particular the calculation of margins and coefficients, operating account)
  • Labor law
  • Specialization in trades of commerce
  • Management
  • Team management
  • LV1: English / LV2: Chinese beginner
  • Elective courses
  • 24 weeks of internship "profession" in France or abroad

Entry conditions

The Bachelor of Luxury and Trades of Commerce is open on competition:

  • to French or foreign students holding a bachelor's degree or equivalent,
  • students in the final year who will graduate from the baccalaureate at the 2019 session.

The application is made online

  • Documents to provide:
    • An identity photo

Upon receipt of your application, the Institute will ask you to send it by post:

  • photocopy of an identity document (front and back): a birth certificate or identity card (front / back) or passport and photocopy of valid residence permit for foreign students ,
  • your transcripts from the year of Terminale (on the day of application),
  • photocopies of diplomas obtained (certified for non-EU students),
  • a curriculum vitae (optional),
  • a letter of support from a teacher, a head teacher (optional).

Admission to the Bachelor of Luxury and Business Trades is divided into two stages:

  • Pre-selection from the application file.
  • Competition: written and oral tests. An invitation by e-mail is sent to the candidates.


Upon receipt of your application, Sup de Luxe will propose by mail a date of invitation to the tests of general culture and English, as well as an interview motivation.

Organization of events

Written tests:

  • MCQ of General Culture - 30min - Coef 3.
  • English MCQ and mini essay from a proposed theme - 15min - Coef 2.

Oral test:

  • Motivation Interview - 30min - Coef 5.

Communication of results

Admission results are sent by email no later than three days after the tests.

The admitted candidate will be able to reserve a place while waiting for the validation of his baccalaureate.

Tuition fees for the year 2019/2020:

  • 9400 €.
  • A timetable is proposed to the admitted students.
Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Founded by Cartier in 1990, The Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe provides the only training in the world desired and supported by professionals from the sector.

Founded by Cartier in 1990, The Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe provides the only training in the world desired and supported by professionals from the sector. Read less