Bachelor International Theater Production


Program Description

Our unique program focuses on theatrical design, production and stage management – in the U.S. and internationally. You’ll graduate with a solid knowledge of the cultural and practical differences in theatre production, which will prepare you for a wide range of careers in theatre, opera and touring productions.

We may be small, but our opportunities are big. In fact, our theatre program rivals what you’d find at a conservatory. Our international theatre production students stage dozens of campus and community productions. They interact with renowned designers, directors, playwrights and choreographers from the U.S. and countries like Scotland, Estonia, Ireland, Mexico, and England. They travel each year to the United States Institute of Theatre Technology conference so our students can make contacts with employers and companies from all over the United States. They land incredible internships with theatre companies, and they study abroad.

Here, you’ll be part of a family. You’ll enjoy small class sizes and amazing friendships. Our distinguished professors will bring out the best in you from the moment you arrive on campus until you graduate. They will become personally invested in your success.

On campus, you’ll study and work in top-notch facilities with the latest equipment. The Freed Center for the Performing Arts includes a 550-seat proscenium theatre, a 132-seat studio theatre, rehearsal rooms, scenic and costume shops, smart classrooms, and a computer lab.

Audition & Talent Awards

Although we don’t require an audition for the international theatre production major, you may audition if you want to be considered for talent awards.


Space to grow your talent

Very few small universities can rival our impressive performance venues. They combine beauty, function and technical capabilities, giving you a well-rounded experience.

International Internship/Study Abroad

An international internship or study abroad is required for international theatre production majors. We provide one-on-one support to help you find an awesome experience. Our professors have extensive connections with theatres and universities in many different countries. If we don’t have an existing connection where you want to travel, we’ll forge one just for you. We truly go above and beyond to find you a study abroad opportunity that matches your interest. Our students have studied or interned in Scotland, Australia, France, South Africa, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Finland and more.

England & Estonia Programs

We partner with the University of Salford located in Manchester, England, the country’s second-largest city and home to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). You could spend a semester studying at the University of Salford; collaborate with Salford students on artistic productions; intern at the BBC; or participate in workshops and seminars at ONU given by visiting Salford professors. We also partner with Rakvere Theatre, a professional repertoire theatre located in a small town in northeastern Estonia. Established in 1940, the Rakvere Theatre has an ensemble of 18 actors and is known for both classical and avant-garde productions. Estonia is bordered by the countries of Finland, Sweden, and Latvia. Opportunities include providing technical support for Rakvere Theatre production in Canada, learning from Estonia directors, actors, and technical crew who provide masterclasses at ONU; and interning at Rakvere.

International Play Festivals

Help produce, direct, translate and star in an international play on campus. Taking place every other year, the International Play Festival has featured works from Germany, Cuba, Canada, Japan, the Native American tradition and more. We either commission a new work by an international playwright or create the first English-language translation of existing work. Professional international theatre artists visit campus and work directly with students on the production, teaching them about their country’s history, culture, people and traditions as they connect to the world of theatre.

Fearless Shenanigans

Fearless Shenanigans is about having fun and the freedom to create. The improv group rehearses once a week and produces one show a month on campus. Every year, one or two guest improv artists come to campus to interact with the group. Join Fearless Shenanigans and you’ll learn to use tools and games to hone your improv skills. You’ll also develop skills that are useful in any profession – including creativity, listening skills and the ability to think on your feet. And most importantly, you’ll forge new friendships while having a blast!

Trips and Tours

From Toledo to Chicago, New York City to Manchester, England, embark on trips and tours to expand your understanding of the arts. You’ll have a chance to attend national conferences in major U.S. cities for the United States Institute of Theatre Technology.

Student Organizations

If you achieve a high level of quality in theatre study and production, you’ll be invited to join our Ohio Epsilon Chapter of Theta Alpha Phi, the oldest nationwide educational theatre honor society in the world. Theta Alpha Phi is dedicated to making theatre a fulfilling experience for all students. Past activities of our campus chapter have included a performance and silent auction to benefit the Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS organization and the funding of a student trip to Chicago.

Dive In and Do It

Get hands-on experience working behind the scenes to produce dozens of shows starting your first year on campus!

Our alumni are finding success in the U.S. theatre world, overseas and in the areas of opera and touring production. Check out where some of our alumni have landed:



Learning Outcomes

Students in the international theatre production will:

  • Develop proficiency in areas of production, stage management and/or design depending on focus.
  • Analyze and criticize dramatic and theatrical content while developing critical-thinking and analytical skills.
  • Practice and reproduce precise techniques pertaining to the major craft areas that are the student’s main focus.
  • Demonstrate skills in incorporating and applying techniques to production work.
  • Develop the ability to adapt production work to constructive criticism administered by faculty and industry professionals.
  • Appraise and identify the roles of theatre in society.
  • Appraise self and design an effective and appropriate marketing strategy for the individual in the present field.
  • Relate how the current world and national events influence the human experience and translate to artistic expression.
  • Communicate the universal and historic tradition of depicting the human experience through the production process.
  • Develop the ability to communicate, interact and network with industry professionals.


The flexibility of our program means you can double major or add a minor to expand your career options. Take courses in Advance Stagecraft; Technical Direction; Costume Design; Lighting Design; Scenic Design and Make-up.

Year 1

Fall Semester Credit Hours Spring Semester Credit Hours
TADP 2111 Fundamentals of Stagecraft 3 TADP 2001 Portfolio Review I 0
TADP 2751 Introduction to Design 3 TADP 2121 Fundamentals of Lighting & Sound 3
TATA 1001 Orientation 0 TADP 2601 Stage Management 3
TATH 3001 Symposium 0 TADP 3501 Advanced Stagecraft 3
ENGL 1221 Writing Seminar 3 TATH 3001 Symposium 0
TECH 1201 Introduction to CAD 3 Practicum Elective 1
TREX 1001 Transitions Experience 3 Distribution Requirement 3
Practicum Elective 1 Distribution Requirement 3
Total 16 Total 16

Year 2

Fall Semester Credit Hours Spring Semester Credit Hours
TAAD 2111 Introduction to Arts Administration 3 TADP 2001 Portfolio Review I 0
TADP 2131 Fundamentals of Costuming 3 TADP 2151 Make-up 2
TATH 2751 Play Analysis 3 TATH 2591 Acting for Non-Majors 2
TATH 3001 Symposium 0 TADP 2651 Stage Management Practicum 1
Practicum Elective 1 TATH 3001 Symposium 0
Modern Language 3 Modern Language 3
Distribution Requirement 3 Distribution Requirement 3
Total 16 Distribution Requirement 3
Total 14

Year 3

Fall Semester Credit Hours Spring Semester Credit Hours
TADP 2551 Technical Direction 3 TADP 3751 Theatre Design Elective 3
TADP 3751 Theatre Design Elective 3 TADP 3781 Design Practicum 1
TADP 3761 Advanced Production Practicum 1 TADP 4001 Portfolio Review II 0
TATH 2911 World Theatre History I 3 TATH 2921 World Theatre History II 3
TATH 3001 Symposium 0 TATH 3001 Symposium 0
PLSC 1021 or GEOG 2261 3 TECH 1601 Fundamentals of Electronics 3
Distribution Requirement 3 Diverse Cultures Seminar; 3
Total 16 Diverse Cultures Seminar 3
Total 16

Year 4

Fall Semester Credit Hours Spring Semester Credit Hours

*Internship (TADP 3351) or Study Abroad

6 TADP 4001 Portfolio Review II 0
Elective 3 TADP 4951 Capstone 2
Elective 3 TATH 3001 Symposium 0
Total 12 TATH 4451 Business of Theatre 1
History/Literature Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective (at least 2 credit hours) 2
Total 14

*You may choose an internship or a study abroad experience; hours can vary.


Think Success

Saori Yokoo Bfa with a Major in International Theatre Production ’13

“Because of my O.N.U. experiences, I wasn’t afraid to jump into the real world. I love the people in our business. I love the fact that theatre can move people and teach them something.”

Saori Yokoo came to ONU because of the abundant opportunities to practice her craft. Sure enough, she had the chance to be the stage manager for many shows at the Freed Center. Today, Saori works with Disney Theatrical’s Aladdin in Tokyo, Japan. Before that, she toured the U.S. as a stage manager for Bring it On the Musical and was a stage manager for Oliver in New York City.

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