Bachelor International Relations


Program Description

Training, intensive and high level, takes place in 3 years. She graduated at the end of the third year with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations.

The Bachelor in International Relations of ILERI is a general and multidisciplinary training that covers all fields of international relations: international law, economics, international relations, geopolitics, political science, business administration, methodology, European and Eastern languages.

Some courses are taught in English from the first year.


The Bachelor in International Relations aims to offer a complete training to students wishing to move towards international careers , both in the public sector and in the private sector.

Oriented towards action and taking responsibility, it aims to train professionals able to defend beliefs while respecting different opinions, having an aptitude for debate, for the elaboration of a statement by the establishment of a collective project and capable of critical distance.

ILERI students have many opportunities to become passionate and personalize their curriculum: choice of language courses, business experiences, presentations, writing of papers and memoirs. They benefit from a personalized follow-up of the teaching team adapted to their professional project throughout their training. The professionalization internship allows the student to acquire a significant experience and better orient his future:

  • 4 weeks minimum in Bachelor 1: internship of discovery of the world of work with writing of a report of internship.
  • 6 weeks minimum in Bachelor 2: internship called "execution" with writing a report of internship.
  • 6 weeks minimum in Bachelor 3: internship called "deepening" with report of internship and defense in English, unless the student chooses the research option with memory.

Initial training of approximately 1400 hours spread over 3 years. Full time over 2 semesters from the end of September to June (partial and catch-up included), 180 ECTS credits.


1st year

  • DRTJ101-102 Introduction to Law - TD Application
  • DRTJ103 Introduction to institutions and EU law
  • DRTJ201-202 International Institutions - Application TD
  • DRTJ203 Comparative Constitutional Law
  • SCPJ101 Introduction to Political Science
  • SCPJ102 Introduction to International Relations
  • SCPJ103 Political, Economic and Social History of the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • SCPJ104 History of Political Ideas
  • SCPJ201 History of International Relations
  • SCPJ202 Introduction to geopolitics
  • SCPJ203 World Region: North America
  • SCPJ204 Culture and history of peoples
  • ECOJ101 History of Economic Thought
  • ECOJ102 Methodology
  • ECOJ201 Macroeconomics

2nd year

  • DRTJ301-302 Business Law - TD Application
  • DRTJ303 Legal Methodology
  • DRTJ401-402 EU Law - Application TD
  • SCPJ301 World Region: China
  • SCPJ302 World Region: Latin America
  • SCPJ303 Origin of global conflicts
  • SCPJ304 Political Sociology
  • SCPJ405 Geopolitics of Emerging Powers
  • SCPJ406 World Region: Asia
  • SCPJ407 Theory of International Relations
  • ECOJ301 Basics of Management
  • ECOJ302 Economic Theories
  • ECOJ401-402 International Business Economics - TD Application
  • ECOJ403 Money and financing the economy
  • ECOJ404 Methodology
  • TPRJ401 Internship and internship report

3rd year

  • DRTJ501 Business Law II
  • DRTJ502-503 Public International Law - Application TD
  • DRTJ504 Nationality and status of aliens
  • DRTJ601 EU: External Relations and Diplomacy
  • DRTJ602 International Human Rights Law
  • SCPJ501 Geopolitics and Transnational Threats
  • SCPJ502 Humanitarian and International Relations
  • SCPJ503 Foreign Policy, Theoretical Perspectives
  • SCPJ601 World Region: Middle East
  • SCPJ602 World Region: Russia and Central Asia
  • SCPJ603 World Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
  • SCPJ604 Contemporary geopolitics
  • ECOJ501 International Monetary and Financial Relations
  • ECOJ502 Theory of Organizations
  • ECOJ601 Current International Economic Issues
  • ECOJ602 Marketing

After the Bachelor

The opportunities offered to students are numerous:

  • To pursue the ILERI in Master to specialize in International Security and Defense, Economic Intelligence, Humanitarian Action or Entrepreneurship and Manager in Africa.
  • Integrate another Master in a French or foreign university: SciencesPo, IEP, London School of Economics (GB), King's College (UK), Warwick (GB), St Andrews (Scotland), Brussels (BE), Laval (CA), Leuven (BE), MGIMO (Russia), etc.
  • Live a professional experience at a first level of hiring.

Tuition fees

Fee Schedule:

Deposit of 1500 € upon registration and balance in six installments, 5% to be deducted in case of cash payment.

  • 1st year Bachelor: 7750 €
  • 2nd year Bachelor: 7750 €
  • 3rd year Bachelor: 7750 € (possible fees for foreign universities as part of a Study Abroad)
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L’ILERI (Institut Libre d’Etude des Relations Internationales) est une école spécialiste des relations internationales depuis 1948, située à Paris La Défense. Proposant une formation pluridisciplinair ... Read More

L’ILERI (Institut Libre d’Etude des Relations Internationales) est une école spécialiste des relations internationales depuis 1948, située à Paris La Défense. Proposant une formation pluridisciplinaire en sciences politiques, géopolitique, droit international, économie et langues, l’ILERI forme ses étudiants, selon les besoins du marché, aux fonctions de cadres des organisations internationales, des ONG, des entreprises internationales, des institutions européennes, de la fonction publique française (défense, environnement, etc.), de la diplomatie, des collectivités territoriales, des think tanks, du journalisme, des cabinets de lobbying, des cabinets de conseil, etc. Read less