Bachelor Interdisciplinary Arts


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Program Description

Our changing and complex society needs solutions beyond the mainstream.

At iArts (Interdisciplinary Arts) we are able to match problems to these solutions. This is possible because we view our society differently and the scope of our work is innovative and transdisciplinary. That is why our students are decisive change agents of the future. Are you one of them?

At iArts, unique in Europe, we are innovation. We combine artistic practice, academic reflection, research and entrepreneurship in projects with a strong focus on today’s societal issues. This cross-pollination leads to surprising ways of addressing and shaping issues.

This is achieved by inspiring and enabling students, lecturers and businesses to think differently, so they can explore and intervene in unpredictable, precarious and near-impossible contexts. In thoughts and actions and across arts disciplines, as well as in business and education.

That is why we choose to collaborate closely with professionals who are specialists in the cross-fertilization of artistic disciplines, but also with scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs and professionals in the public and private sector. As a result, our students are the decisive change agents of the future. 


The iArts programme takes three years, although a four-year version of 240 ECs is offered as well. The three-year track is open to all students who either have a pre-university diploma or can show proof of adequate previous education. Please note: the entire iArts programme is taught in English.

Programme stucture

We start by introducing you to three learning pathways:
Home-Based Learning (HBL) courses, Project-Based Learning and Research & Development Lab.
Home-Based Learning (HBL) consists of courses that enable you to develop your artistic and academic skills. Project-Based Learning calls on the following competencies: problem analysis, research, planning, concept development, creation, production, peer group collaboration, documentation and evaluation.  Within Research & Development Lab, you explore your own fascinations, but we keep you on your toes through reflection and artistic interventions.

Throughout the study the emphasis shifts increasingly to working in a context of professional practice. In the final year, you  map out your own  graduation process, guided by your coach and your own experts in the field. 

After graduation

iArts professionals work as decision-makers at the intersection of art, research and entrepreneurship. They often have their own professional practice, but they also work at government agencies and businesses.

After graduation you will be:

  • a critically engaged change agent who is able to combine the skills of an artist, entrepreneur and researcher. You will develop and produce relevant interventions for current issues, whether local or global.
  • a multi-talented change-maker who is capable of translating social and scientific issues into artistic and interdisciplinary practice.
  • a thought leader who is able to explore and intervene in unpredictable, precarious and near-impossible contexts. 


- pre-university secondary education (or equivalent)
- evidence of artistic aptitude
- advanced in English
- collaborative skills


The first step is to register in Studielink ( , after which we will invite you to start the iArts assessment procedure.

Our assessment procedure consists of 3 rounds:
Round 1: send in the application form, together with your photo and motivation letter and a short video.
Round 2: write an essay and send it in.
Round 3: join the final online assessment day with other candidates and our selection team.


iArts is located in the heart of Maastricht, a European centre of culture and home to 11,000 students. The city’s numerous festivals and events reflect its diverse cultural and historical influences. A candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2018, Maastricht is investing in an inspiring, multifaceted cultural climate.

Last updated Dec 2020

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