Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering


Program Description

convergence of mechanical, electrical, electronic and information technology, Mechatronics facilitates the life of man through the machines. The advancement of production technology required the automation of the control of industrial processes through intelligent and integrated systems.

THE Mechatronics Engineering is a multidisciplinary practice area which includes the areas of mechanics, electronics and software, the design of automated systems, robotics, manufacturing and control processes in general. It is considered by many experts as the "Job of the Future".

Job market

Currently, there is a strong and growing demand for multidisciplinary engineers with expertise in integration and development of mechanical, electronic and software for various sectors, opening a vast field of action for Mechatronic Engineer.

The Mechatronic Engineering from the FACIPE, will be able to work in industries, engineering companies and industrial equipment, companies using mechanical and electronics, consulting companies in the area of ​​industry, management and control of discrete processes, flexible cell manufacturing , metal-mechanical industries, educational institutions in engineering, beyond the universe of other non-related activities directly with the engineer, but the engineer has full condition to develop, due to their ability to analytical thinking and synthetically to resolve problems. Another of this professional area is applied research, developed in research institutes and companies, both at home and abroad.

Noteworthy Industrial Port Complex Governador Eraldo Gueiros (SUAPE) in Pernambuco. There are more than 100 operating companies, responsible for over 25,000 direct jobs and another 50 under construction. Among them, chemical industries, metal-mechanical, naval and logistics, which will strengthen the power generation poles, bulk liquids and gases, food and wind power, as well as open spaces in other segments such as metal-mechanical, grains and logistics. All this added exceeds 40 billion reais in investments, generating 15,000 new jobs and over 40,000 construction jobs. "

Occupation area

The professional graduate course of Bachelor of Mechatronics of FACIPE Engineering can operate in the productive and services sector as well as in scientific and technological research sector, focusing on the development of new processes, products and services, in close cooperation with industry , commerce and society as a whole.

Due to the general education in the area, to complete the course, you will be prepared to perform their activities as self-employed, at any level of organization, whether public or private it, of any size, and can operate in various areas of industry. Can act from the process control to automation systems, assembly lines, production optimization projects as well as maintenance and generation of models of plants and supervisory control. Furthermore, you should be able to work in a multidisciplinary manner in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software.

General objective

To train professionals with solid academic background, with skills and abilities to work alone or in teams, in activities related to design, construction, operation and maintenance of machines and autonomous operation of products, computational processes for planning, programming, management and control of production , development of mechatronics products and automatic control systems equipment, microcontroller and microprocessor as well as the planning, definition and management systems and production methods, integrating the design process and manufacturing and industrial processes of mechanical production. This professional is also qualified to perform duties in different professional sectors and to participate actively in regional socioeconomic development.

Specific objectives

  • Train professionals to work in the conception, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of equipment and mechatronic systems.
  • To train professionals with critical awareness and conceptual strength to play a social role spearheading projects based on high value-added products;
  • Develop research involving knowledge of the development and implementation of automation projects focused on implementation and program management and quality systems and cost reduction;
  • Develop research and extension activities that expand the field of knowledge and expand construction techniques to analyze and optimize production processes and systems;
  • Train professionals to work in multidisciplinary teams, using technologies that meet the social, cultural and economic community;
  • To encourage the purchase of universal knowledge and a solid foundation in basic concepts and principles in the area of ​​Mechanical Engineering combined with the areas of Electronics and Computer Science, expertise in the field of Mechatronics;
  • Develop awareness of social responsibility, sustainable development capable of promoting companies anchored in products that add value by incorporating high-tech;
  • Stimulate creativity, self-management and flexibility, making the students able to fit the labor market vagaries, preserving the ethical and legal principles;
  • Produce a space for debate and action in the case of automatic control equipment in commercial and residential buildings and industries, developing in students the ability to intervene technically developing control and automation project in these areas;
  • Addressing the shortage of professionals in areas of unusual engineering, but of competence of mechatronic engineer, such as rehabilitation and entertainment, patient support equipment with special needs and development of robotic systems in the entertainment industry.
Last updated Mar 2020

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