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Program Description

To be Bachelor in Law It is to assume the role of agents of change and social transformation, with the working material language and law.

The acting opportunities in the labor market in Law has expanded it greatly. The State of Pernambuco has experienced an unprecedented development, providing opportunities for the emergence of legal demands for the natural process of complexização of society, demanding the formation of increasingly prepared lawyers and high competitiveness index.

Job market

Opportunities will never lack for a bachelor in law. Soon after completing the course in front of a large field of activity, you need to choose which area will act. Note that after the new Civil Code is a growing demand for professionals working in this area, plus the latest lines of the law school, such as environmental law, intellectual property, information technology etc.

The classic areas such as criminal law, labor and consumers also have daily opportunities. Already public career with entry through competition, is an excellent option for the professional rights and has repeatedly asked for the entry of new professionals, since the number of gazetted is still lower than necessary. The salary of a lawyer early career, according to the Order of the Federal Council of Lawyers of Brazil is R $ 2,100. In the public sector the average salary is R $ 13,199.76.

playing field

The Law Bachelor of the field is very wide, allowing a choice between two careers: Law and Legal Careers.

In Law, the Bachelor of Laws duly approved the test and enrollment in the Bar Association of Brazil, acts as a representative of a party litigating in court in defense of their interests, and provides consulting services in the area of ​​its operations .

Already the legal profession is the activity of the Bachelor of Law exercised before public bodies, may be: Public Advocacy, Career Officer, Magistrates, prosecutors, Defender and Attorney, Legal Analyst, beyond the Magisterium in Higher Education.



To train graduates in law endowed with a general education, legal, humanistic able to analyze and master legal concepts and terminologies with proper reasoning ability, interpretation and appreciation of the legal and social phenomena, developing a reflective and critical view posture that promotes the skills and the skills necessary for a self-directed learning and dynamic essential for professional practice with a view to providing justice and citizenship development.


• exercise an interdisciplinary view of the law, including it in its intimate relationship with human problems, not just as a set of rules; • encourage innovative front posture law, to adapt it to the socioeconomic and emerging technological reality; • develop strategies to enable the lawyer to overcome the dogmatic formation, think the codes, not just apply them, and at the same time, legally understand the social facts, creative basis of law; • adapt with sensitivity, skill and expertise, legal knowledge to the solution of human problems in the forensic daily and social life; • rethink the relationship between law, democracy, Politics and Economics as a special way to protect the values ​​of dignity and justice in the development plan, in the face, including the globalization process; • develop, in bachelor future, aware that, in addition to defending the rights and interests that are entrusted with the commitment to uphold the prestige of his professional category, the improvement of Law Institutions and the point, in general, the pursuit of social justice in the established legal order; • contribute to the construction of judicial decisions that change the current reality of Brazilian society; • recognize the specificity of the local and regional development and their peculiar problems, contributing to the reduction of social inequalities; • mastering technologies and methods for permanent understanding and application of the law.

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