Bachelor in Information Systems


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Allow companies to understand the operating bases and discover the management techniques used to control organizations and provide a basis for decision making.

It is now in its environment, highlighting the complexity of interactions, focusing on dimensions: human, international and professional.

The areas of specializations: Human Resource Management, Marketing and Business Engineering, Quality and Sustainable Development, Communication, Banking and Financial Engineering, Auditing and management control, Micro-finance, agribusiness, Local Development, Transport Logistics Management, HRM


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• English • Japanese • Chinese • Fulani and Mandingo The Bachelor in business IAM Audit and Management Control is offered alone or in joint-degree with UQAC Canada. Like many other Bachelor group, originality, coherence and pedagogical structure have led to his being labeled by the CENTRE for EXCELLENCE UEMOA, being certified to quality standard ISO 9001 version 2000 and get the Accreditation of the African and Malagasy Council of Higher Education (CAMES) .c; t delivered for numbers and accounting and financial analysis.

The graduate acquires the end of its knowledge bachelor training that allow him to: check the consistency of expenditure with the accounting entries; measuring inventories of the company at year end; control the amortization and impairments recorded in the balance sheet; plan the financial, human and technical with business to achieve these goals; set budgets to achieve the objectives; continuously analyze the results of the activity develop management indicators suggest corrective measures and readjust; measure and analyze the gaps in statistical and commented dashboards; Refer to the general direction with summary reports.

After the training, the student: Will develop listening skills and interpersonal skills enabling him to get the information needed to respond to the audit and responses of his interlocutors during interviews with company officials; develop an acute critical sense, an analytical rigor and good accounting skills to effectively interpret the accounting documents at its disposal, will be rigorous, methodical, organized and concise to properly define the objectives and action plans . benefit from an ease with IT management tools, will be objective and impartial, since it calculates the performance of each service .. be provided with a good relationship, have the sense of communication since it is in contact with all the services and management, will have a taste for figures and accounting and financial analysis.

The listener is an examiner of accounts and corporate management. In the vast majority of cases and questions of law, it is outside the company and a member of an audit firm whose objective is to examine the condition of the companies that sponsor it. Its purpose is to establish an accurate diagnosis and managerial accounting entity: sales, staffing, cash flow, management, organizational climate. The management controller, also known as responsible for managing, exercises permanent control over the budgets of the company, develop the budgeting and implementing procedures for optimal resource utilization. It is a vital link in the company in control of daily operations. The management controller has a role of co-pilot, and should help company executives achieve their business objectives

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Founded in 1996, the African Institute of Management (Institute Africain de Management) is one of the leading West African private business schools. Set in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, IAM is set in ... Read More

Founded in 1996, the African Institute of Management (Institute Africain de Management) is one of the leading West African private business schools. Set in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, IAM is set in a unique and life changing learning environment. Over 2,000 students from 28 countries from all over the world populate IAM’s campus ensuring that you will get to meet friends from all over the world, and will broaden your horizons to different cultural, professional and educational perspectives. Read less