Bachelor in environmental engineering


Program Description

Understand the limits of nature and promote sustainable development for the perpetuation of life, it is the energy that moves the environmental engineering. Combine economic growth with conservation of nature is a fundamental activity for the world.

The Environmental Engineering course of Facipe is authorized by the MEC. Study in Facipe is to propose sustainable solutions to ensure quality of life.

Job market

The growing concern for the environment is Environmental Engineering one of the most promising professions of the future. Waste management gains importance with the approval of the National Policy of Solid Waste in 2010, establishing strict standards for disposal; the rapid growth of cities and urban occupation, order studies of socio-environmental impact; and high levels of environmental degradation are factors that cause the warming of the labor market in both the public and private sectors.

While studying at Facipe from the first half it is possible to accumulate experience through paid internships with grants between R $ 400.00 and R $ 724.00, offered by the institution and member companies through the stage center. After completing the graduate starting salaries exceed the R $ 3,500.00. Throughout the career average salary exceeds R $ 10.0000.00.

Study in Facipe is to be ahead of your time and aim for a future of many achievements.

Occupation area

Promote sustainable and profitable development is the daily exercise of the environmental engineer who works with the preservation of water, air and soil. Besides the correct waste treatment and recovery of degraded areas.

Vocational training in Facipe enables the performance in several areas, from the evaluation of the possible effects of a process or product on the environment, to assistance for the achievement of the certification ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. Prepare environmental impact reports, develop pollution control tools, to develop projects for the restoration of polluted or degraded areas, rationalize the use of water resources are some of the possibilities of action. You can also follow the academic career, ever thought about being a researcher or teacher? The area is vast and the choice is yours!

General objective:

Form reflective, critical and creative professionals with the ability to act on environmental issues in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way, detecting and presenting solutions related to the preservation of natural resources, pollution prevention, and planning and environmental management, thus contributing to achieve the desired sustainable development.

Specific objective:

• Develop skills and abilities in planning and management of environmental attributes for sustainable development; • Encouraging research work and scientific research that contributes to the understanding of environmental issues and thus can interfere with the proactive way process; • Perform actions that provide pollution prevention and / or recovery of environmental degradation ensuring a better quality of life for the population; • To enable students to share actions, speeches and knowledge that can result in permanent exercise of responsible citizenship; • Use values ​​and attitudes based on ethical principles relevant to professional practice; • To act in the management processes and environmental planning and monitoring and mitigation of environmental impacts, its related services; • Research, develop and use new technologies for socio-economic development without harming the environment; • Develop integrated activities with other areas of expertise to discuss solutions and alternatives in the face of environmental problems; • Provide technical expertise for the development of environmental sanitation programs.

Last updated Nov 2016

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