Bachelor in computer networks


Program Description

Implement and manage security solutions for computer circuits, set access and availability for internet and intranet, routers and providers will be challenges to their day to day. Being technologist Computer Networks is to master the operating hardware and software to improve information sharing.

Porto Digital is one of the pillars of the State of Pernambuco's economy with regard to technology, employing more than 6,500 people in about 500 entrepreneurs. Among them CESAR - Center of Studies and Advanced Systems of Recife considered twice the best institution of Science and Technology Country by FINEP.

Job market

The Technologists professional in Computer Networks are rapidly absorbed by the labor market, since it constitutes a new profession widely accepted today.

In the region, the main employers are the companies of Porto Digital, in addition to public companies like ATI, SERPRO, among others. In São Paulo and Brasilia there is also great need for professionals in the field. Besides, our Technologist will be able to work anywhere in the world, you will have worldwide certification CCNA CISCO.

Occupation area

The Technologist in Computer Networks will be able to assume a role of transformer agent market, being able to bring about change through the incorporation of new information technologies in solving problems and providing new types of activities.



The Course of Technology in Computer Networks has the objective to educate citizens and highly qualified professionals in what is latest in computer networking technology, prepared to act in accordance with the technology and market trends.


• Manage service companies in the business area in Computer Networks; • Professional train to install, configure and manage infrastructure of computer networks; • Implement and manage security solutions for computer networks; • Manage and administer computer networks; • Develop and manage projects focused on technology of computer networks; • Prospect solutions of computer networks.

Last updated Nov 2016

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