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Program Description

The Fashion Designer

This course offers to give a high specialization to complete a first basic training in the sector of Fashion, Design and Luxury. Part of this is through alternating studies with business experience, thus promoting a beneficial immersion in the heart of the market.


  • For Bachelors (Bac, Bac pro)
  • Candidates with a BTS specialized in Fashion or graduates from a fashion school, wishing to acquire
  • To ModeEstah students from the Initial Private Cycle.

This professional certification is accessible through VAE.


The Stylist Designer course takes place over 3 years of initial training with 4 months of internship, the last year alternately, in the form of fixed-term contract in professionalization contract or alternating contract .. At the end of these studies you will have a solid training in the field of fashion, centered on the mastery of the creative process from the development of the product to its dissemination. You will explore several areas: fashion, press and design, with fundamental bases in marketing and communication. This course is a springboard to guide you to the various trades offered by Niv.I, Manager of Fashion Design and Luxury.

We offer training that optimally covers the Fashion Industry. Each area responds to a professional reality in which you can flourish in the full employment of your duties.


The Designer must identify new markets, look for styles to create, have insight into trends and at the same time master the technical processes of industrialization of fashion and design products


The success of a brand is based on a fundamental element: Image. She speaks, conveys a message, an identity, a dream. Being aware of the power of the image means understanding the future of fashion


  • Cooperate with idea generation by creatively and unprecedentedly implementing design situations and affirming your style; this promotes the deployment of innovation within fashion companies.
  • Bring methodologies, methods and tools to make a product a successful market.
  • Promote the development of concepts within a fashion company through the realization, the search for new products.
  • Become designer designers open to the world of fashion.


3rd year

  • CREATION, DESIGN, COMMUNICATION: General Culture - Creation - Design - Marketing - Communication - Textiles - DTP

4th year

  • LIVING LANGUAGE: Fashion English
  • GENERAL CORPORATE CULTURE: Design - Fashion - Trends - Image


Duration of studies: 2 years including 1 year in initial training 1 year in alternation under professionalization contract or alternating internship agreement.

The internship in the 3rd year: from 4 to 6 months between April and September, it closes the school year, students submit a report of course on their host company.

Alternation in 4th year: The rhythm of classes is alternated with an active life in a fashion company. Company presence is about 3/4 of the time.


Evaluation: A series of evaluations is carried out throughout the year. These evaluations relate to both the theory and the practice of our teaching.

Collection project, to be done at the end of the course, determines the issuance of the design stylist diploma. It focuses on the realization of a collection organized around an original concept, one or more lines of products, in the fields of Textile, Design, Ready-to-Wear, Couture or Luxury.


The title Designer Designer Level II - code NSF 242 is registered at the RNCP

Order published in the Official Gazette of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment on 07/06/2016


This course is a springboard to guide you to Level I Manager of Fashion Design and Luxury.

Last updated Mar 2020

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MODE ESTAH est l’Ecole des hautes études pour le secteur de la Mode et du Luxe. Ecole indépendante, à taille humaine, elle est le lieu où l’on pense et ou la transversalité des compétences vous engage pleinement sur le terrain. Read less