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Bachelor Degree in Math & Science Education

Do you love math and science? Become equipped to meet the tremendous demand for math and science teachers with a composite teaching major in science and mathematics education. This major is designed to efficiently immerse students in both the mathematics and scientific disciplines while teaching innovative strategies to help secondary students learn these subjects. During our program, you will study math and choose biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics. The composite major in mathematics and science education places students in close contact with our excellent faculty and campus resources. Small class sizes and hands-on instruction provided by knowledgeable, caring faculty help students efficiently prepare for teaching multiple disciplines. Students also participate in active learning situations both on and off campus, adding value to the content and pedagogy they study in the classroom. No other university can prepare you in multiple disciplines as efficiently and effectively as the composite teaching major in science and mathematics education at BHSU.


Select math and one science area of study: Mathematics - 24 semester hours

  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Calculus III
  • Modern Geometry
  • Probability & Statistics

6 take two courses from the following:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Abstract Algebra I
  • Real Analysis

Methods - 5 semester hours

  • 7-12 Science Methods
  • 7-12 Math Methods

Biology - 23 semester hours

  • General Biology I & 151L Lab
  • General Biology II & 153L Lab
  • Principles of Ecology & 311L Lab
  • Microbiology & 331L Lab
  • Genetics & 371L Lab
  • Elective

Chemistry - 20 semester hours

  • General Chemistry I & 112L Lab
  • General Chemistry II & 114L Lab
  • Organic Chemistry I & 326L Lab
  • Organic Chemistry II & 328L Lab
  • Analytical Chemistry & 332L Lab

Physics - 19 semester hours

  • Introduction to Astronomy & 185L Lab
  • University Physics I & 211L Lab
  • University Physics II & 213L Lab
  • Introduction to Modern Physics
  • Quantum Mechanics

Earth Science - 20 semester hours

  • Physical Geology & 201L Lab
  • Historical Geology & 203L Lab
  • Conservation of Natural Resources

6 Take two courses from the following five courses:

  • Mineralogy/Petrology
  • Environmental Geology
  • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Hydrogeology

Pre-Professional Teaching Core - 21 semester hours

  • Foundations of American Education
  • Practicum
  • Human Relations
  • Educational Psychology
  • South Dakota Indian Studies
  • General Psychology
  • Educating Secondary Students with Disabilities

Professional Secondary Ed Teaching Core - 24 semester hours

  • Computer-Based Technology & Learning
  • Middle-Level Methods
  • Plan, Manage and Assess the Diverse K-8 Classroom
  • 7-12 Reading and Content Literacy
  • Practicum: Pre-Student Teaching
  • Human Relations
  • 7-12 Student Teaching

Gen Ed Requirements - 29 semester hours

  • Composition I
  • Composition II
  • Fundamentals of Speech


  • Public Speaking


  • Argumentation and Debate
  • Wellness for Life
  • Wellness Lab


After completing the composite math and science education program, you will be fully prepared to pass certification exams, find numerous job opportunities, and teach in your own classroom. You’ll be in demand as a math and science teacher – it is projected that in the next decade, the United States will require 170,000 new middle and high school math and science teachers, especially in smaller schools and in rural regions. BHSU also has a graduate program available, making the math and science degree even more attractive to potential employers. The master’s program available in Curriculum and Instruction with specialties in reading, math, science, or technology is a great way to advance a career and your teaching abilities.

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