Bachelor Degree in Machine Intelligence and Robotics


The presence of microchips or integrated circuits in nearly every kind of modern machine allows for some degree of intelligence in most mechanical and electronic devices. Automated processes, “expert” systems; tasks involving sorting, routing, reminding, adjusting and even repairing, all may involve some level of programming that has been designed, developed and tested by a person or team that understands applied informational technologies, machine intelligence and/or robotics. Students in this faculty are often fascinated by the philosophical, as well as the technical aspect of artificial intelligence, although the curriculum is primarily focused on applications.

Topics within this field include automatic reasoning, logical reasoning, and automatic deduction. Applications include formal quality checking of software and hardware, planning, computer-aided decision making, automation, monitoring processes, stimulus recognition technology and algorithms and robot dynamics. Courses in this degree program focus on artificial intelligence and the practical aspects of making intelligent machines work, with a special focus on the theoretical and mathematical foundations that make automatic reasoning possible.

Program outline and learning outcomes

The field of Applied IT, Machine Intelligence and Robotics can be seen from at least three different, but closely interconnected points of view. From a technological point of view, students receive basic and advanced training in the nature of robotic components (some background in physics is helpful). From a purely mathematical standpoint, you will study aspects of probability, linear systems, and stochastic processes, used in many automatic reasoning and planning problems. From a logical and symbolic viewpoint, the coursework covers basic principles of cognition, automatic reasoning and search, and decision theory.

Career prospects

Upon graduation from this program, you get a degree in the field of Applied IT, Machine Intelligence and Robotics according to your chosen length of studies. Robotics and artificial intelligence are among the most attractive fields in computer science, and the demand for MIR professionals is expected to continue in the future. Students are expected to gain practical experience in research projects involving, for examples: robot emotions, behavior, motion, vision and recognition. Current industries and high technology companies use automatic or semi-automatic planning, decision making, quality and safety checking, in their industrial processes; therefore, graduated students from this faculty will have the opportunity to offer a unique specialized profile for a wide range of potential employers.

Actual job titles in this field are continually evolving, like any other area of technology. Current titles include the word “Robotics” along with Engineer, Developer, Research Scientist or Software Specialist, or virtually any position involving “Automation” or “Machine Learning.”


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Sept. 2019
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