Bachelor degree in international hotel management


Program Description

The program Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management Is aimed at candidates who have successfully passed the Baccalaureate or Higher Education training cycle and its ultimate goal is to train future professionals in the direction of any hotel and tourism company.

The program imparted allows to cover the training needs in the hotel and tourist industry, offering to the student a specialized training.

Teaching methodology: a successful combination and balance between training practices and a university education adapted to the new demands and current demands of the sector.

Our faculty has highly qualified teachers, all professionals in the sector in active. In addition, the curriculum has a strong international orientation that allows students to work in a globalized context, responding to the aspirations of the profession.


14 months distributed over three years, in tourism companies and 4 to 5 star hotel establishments validated by Vatel. They acquire experiences related to the reality of their future profession, developing skills for teamwork and experimenting in the environment to which they are directed.

Language of classes

Spanish (non-Spanish-speaking students must have the B2 level of Spanish). Progressively, students receive instruction in English (up to 30% of their teaching time).

Career prospects

To exercise management positions to any tourist or hotel company.

Entry Requirements

  • Have the Baccalaureate or equivalent, or the Higher Degree.
  • Overcome Vatel's own access tests.

Admission process

  1. Fill out the registration form to perform the entrance tests.
  2. Perform the test type test and the personal interview.
  3. Notification of the results of the admission test and the registration procedure


Knowledge of the sector in general and economy, strategy, marketing, business management and hotel management in particular, focusing the task on the development of the skills and abilities of each student.


Management: Offer terminology and fundamental concepts. Explain how management is an instrument of management.

Marketing: Allow students to acquire the skills and abilities necessary to understand marketing and its importance in the company.

Human resources management: Initiate the basic principles that govern the management of HR.

Computing: To train in the use of the Internet and in the search of information in a company. Discover the office automation tools applied to hotel management.

Business Economics: Become familiar with the concept of the company, with its place in the economic environment.

Professional Culture: Understand the past to anticipate the future. Awaken curiosity and stimulate the taste for what surrounds us, the gastronomy and the art of the profession.

Own image: Learn how to manage one's image, be self-conscious, work on self-esteem and learn to recognize others. Always under the respect of the other.

Nutrition: Know the importance of nutrition in any type of business, such as making, cooking, serving or serving food and beverages. Elaborate balanced menus taking into account the nutritional contributions recommended for adolescents, adults, athletes, among others.

Wine crops: To approach the student to the world of wine, being able to recognize the different types, the elaboration, the wine-growing zones, as well as knowing how to taste, serve and recommend the wine appropriate to the type of food.

English: Acquire a technical level of the language so that it can be developed efficiently and effectively in any international environment.

Surroundings F & B and Hotels: Acquire the general knowledge on Hospitality and Catering.

Practical applications: Apply in a real situation the practical theoretical knowledge acquired during classes in a reception, restaurant, kitchen or other departments.

Additional information about the Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management in Spain, Barcelona and Andorra

Duration: 3 years (36 months)

The first course 9,710 euros - (1,890 euros corresponding to the registration fee and 7,820 euros relative to the annual academic fees)
The second and third courses: 8,530 euros - (710 euros of enrollment fees and 7,820 euros of annual academic fees)

To have the Baccalaureate approved (or equivalent for the foreign students) or the Superior Degree of the Schools of Professional Formation of Tourism and Hospitality.

Overcome the center's own entrance tests

Bachelor Degree in International Hotel management taught in Andorra and officially certified by the French state.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

El equipo docente de Vatel está compuesto por profesionales en activo de la industria hotelera y turística, sólo así podemos garantizar que nuestros alumnos desarrollan sus conocimientos y capacidades ... Read More

El equipo docente de Vatel está compuesto por profesionales en activo de la industria hotelera y turística, sólo así podemos garantizar que nuestros alumnos desarrollan sus conocimientos y capacidades conforme a las necesidades que hoy tiene el sector. Las tres piezas clave de nuestro modelo educativo : especialización, la adaptación al mercado, y el desarrollo de conocimientos y capacidades en un entorno global. Read less
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