Bachelor Artistic Direction and Graphic Design


Program Description

Today, we do not teach interior design, design, visual communication or even graphic design just as we did a decade ago.

Charpentier Academy is for more than 70 years the Private School of Applied Arts which trains interior designers and artistic directors. Faithful to the values of its origins, creativity, humanity, contemporaneity and enjoying a strong artistic imprint, it has kept a human size. Heiress since 1958 of the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, then a center of creative freedom and plastic experimentation, she continues her exploratory work in the world of applied arts, encouraged by a new direction that is now working to strengthen the fundamentals of the school while being part of modernity.

Choosing the Charpentier Academy is:

to study in one of the best private schools of applied arts thanks to the recognition by the National Certification Commission of Professional Recognition of his degrees of interior architect and artistic director at level I,
work in human-sized workshops and be accompanied individually by teachers who are all professionals in their discipline,
to open up to the world of work through workshops, contests, partnerships, conferences and compulsory internships, perfecting one's drawing and deepening the technique by participating in the workshops of La Grande Chaumière (live models),
benefit from the philosophy of the school based on the revelation of one's own artistic and graphic identity,
to go on a semester abroad via the Erasmus program (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, etc.)
and enjoy a network of over 12,000 alumni.

Project of establishment and pedagogy, to accompany future professionals

Relationship between acquisition of skills, creativity and reality of trades

The attention paid to each student

The challenge of professional integration in a context where models, techniques and trades are constantly evolving, is to develop in each student a vision of the world, a faculty of adaptation, a critical apparatus, its qualities of analysis. Each student is therefore recognized by his teachers and accompanied individually, without diminishing the importance of group dynamics.

Constant liaison with the trades

Constant liaison with the trades is the foundation of education. The pedagogical team of the school is composed of professionals, involved in the news of the disciplines to which they train the students. They also represent their future link with the world of work and concretely orient students in their working life. To prepare them, the Charpentier Academy ensures that their students follow internships in companies or agencies, participate in competitive exams. Interior architecture, Design or Visual Communication and exhibitions. The partnerships put in place reinforce this requirement and make it possible to put the projects in a real context.

The transversality

Rich in its two departments, Interior Architecture / Design and Visual Communication / Graphic Design, the Charpentier Academy promotes a pooling of skills and the crossover of views on the occasion of projects or shared courses. This transversality is imperative today. Indeed, an architect needs to learn to communicate his project, and a graphic designer has the need to learn to work in space.

The opening on the outside

A dual-purpose exercise

The subjects studied, the research conducted by the students are suggested or proposed based on real data. They are dual-purpose exercises, both "rehearsals" or simulations of a concrete situation and didactic materials.

Conferences given by prominent personalities in their field are an opportunity to grasp various visions of the current world, to hear the point of view on a job, to think in groups and then to write individually.

Events and competitions

A pedagogy turned towards the future

Our students participate in exhibitions and competitions on an ad hoc or regular basis, which allows them to be judged in a context of professional competition:

VIA (Promotion of Innovation in Furniture), Chaumont International Poster Festival, Minimaousse, Ugitech, Camif, Procos Trophy, Premier Regard Festival, Medion / Microsoft competition, Decitre, Steel

First year


An average of 35 hours per week of workshop courses is provided throughout the year with our art teachers specialized in the various subjects offered by our curriculum.

Artistic direction

Graphic design

Become artistic director, graphic designer, illustrator, advertising, web designer, in fields as diverse as advertising, press, publishing, audiovisual, culture, e-commerce, etc.

Rates 2019


Payment terms

  • 1st payment: 1.800 € at the time of the deposit of the registration form (legal delay of retraction of 8 days remaining acquired beyond).
  • 2nd installment: 50% of the balance, no later than July 1st.

Balance: no later than November 1st.

For foreign students the payment of all tuition fees (down payment) by July 1st.

Registration details

1st year

Students are concerned

  • Holders of a bachelor's degree or have the level of the final classes or still from vocational training institutions.
  • Foreigners holding a diploma equivalent to a bachelor's degree or from specialized schools of art or applied arts.
  • Foreign students must provide the results obtained at the TCF (or equivalent).

Admission procedure

Appointments can be made by phone at 01 43 54 31 12 for a motivational interview during which you will present an artistic book of personal work, a curriculum vitae (curriculum already completed) and a cover letter.

Since this first year requires that every student be given special attention, the number of students can not exceed a defined numerus clausus. It is the order of reception of the registrations which, at this level, will prevail until the closing of the composition of the promotion.

2nd / 3rd year

Students are concerned

  • From national, regional or municipal schools of fine arts, schools of applied arts, specialized sections of the university, public or private training centers, etc.
  • Coming from European or foreign institutions and having sixty ECTS credits.
  • Foreign students must provide the results obtained at the TCF (or equivalent).

Admission procedure

The appointment to set a date of maintenance is done by phone at 01 43 54 31 12. The composition of the file is communicated when making appointments. At the end of this interview, if it is favorable, an equivalence commission date is proposed.

Equivalence Commission

This body, made up of representatives of the teaching staff and the administration, examines the candidate's entire file, decides and proposes to the educational council the agreement or the adjournment of the application.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Choisir l’ Académie Charpentier c’est choisir d’étudier dans l’une des meilleures écoles d’arts appliqués grâce à la reconnaissance par l’Etat au niveau I de ses titres RNCP d’Architecte d’intérieur e ... Read More

Choisir l’ Académie Charpentier c’est choisir d’étudier dans l’une des meilleures écoles d’arts appliqués grâce à la reconnaissance par l’Etat au niveau I de ses titres RNCP d’Architecte d’intérieur et de Directeur (trace) artistique. Read less