Bachelor Administration and Business Management


Program Description


The Bachelor Administration and Business Management offers a specialization in 3 years to train students in business, management, marketing, finance and human resources.

The Bachelor AGE offers a quality general education combining from the first year the academic, professional and associative dimensions that allow you to assert your professional project and apply the know-how and skills essential to your integration into business or to a continuation of studies.

The Bachelor AGE is organized around four main guidelines:

  • the appropriation of a general culture and a practical knowledge of the company, its environment and its evolutions.
  • the acquisition of operational know-how in management, marketing and communication, accounting, human resources.
  • the development of professional skills: creativity, personal development, autonomy, sense of responsibility, initiative, group work skills and team spirit.
  • Immersion in the professional world (seminars, tutored projects, internships in companies)Sign here Helloquence / Unsplash


The Bachelor AGE brings the knowledge, the methods and the tools essential to the apprehension of the sciences of management, for:

  • Understand how the company works
  • To understand its economic and legal environment
  • Communicate effectively
  • Mastering management techniques

The Bachelor AGE focuses on the study of all aspects governing the operation of public or private structures such as finance, logistics, accounting, human resources, marketing, taxation, governance ...


  • Continuation of studies in MBA
  • Versatile assistant manager
  • Management Controller Assistant
  • SME / SMI Assistant
  • HR Assistant
  • SME Manager, SME, Community or Association


1st year

Semester 1

  • UE1-1: Introduction to marketing
  • UE2-1: Macroeconomics
  • UE3-1: Introduction to management
  • UE4-1: Introduction to law
  • UE5-1: Descriptive statistics
  • U6-1: History and Geography
  • UE7-1: French Composition I
  • UE8-1: English I

Semester 2

  • UE1-2: Civil law: contracts and obligations
  • UE2-2: International Trade Techniques
  • UE3-2: General Accounting
  • UE4-2: General Economics
  • UE5-2: Office Word / PPT
  • UE6-2: Mathematics
  • UE7-2: French Composition II
  • UE8-2: English II

2nd year

Semester 3

  • UE1-3: Financial Analysis
  • U2-3: Transportation Strategy
  • UE3-3: Labor Law
  • UE4-3: Commercial Geopolitics
  • UE5-3: Management of organizations
  • UE6-3: Communication
  • UE7-3: Human Resources Management
  • UE8-3: English I

Semester 4

  • UE1-4: Cost analysis and control
  • UE2-4: International risk management
  • UE3-4: Marketing research
  • UE4-4: International Trade Practices
  • UE5-4: Company law
  • UE6-4: Intercultural Negotiation
  • UE7-4: Excel Office
  • UE8-4: English II

3rd year

Semester 5

  • UE1-5: Accounting management of commercial organizations
  • UE2-5: Financial Analysis
  • UE3-5: Company law
  • UE4-5: Commercial prospection
  • UE5-5: Strategic Marketing
  • UE6-5: Business Strategy
  • UE7-5: Internship research methodology
  • UE8-5: English I

Semester 6

  • UE1-6: Management of employment and skills
  • UE2-6: Business Communication
  • UE3-6: Tax law
  • UE 4-6: Operational Marketing
  • UE 5-6: Managerial environment (governance)
  • EU 6-6: Trade Strategies and Policies
  • UE 7-6: Access Office
  • UE 8-6: Internship in a company
  • EU 9-6: English II
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