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Program Description

The 3-year BA (Hons.) in Business Studies programme is purposefully designed to provide our students with the practical knowledge and real-world skills that are highly desirable in an international business environment. Meeting the highest educational standards, students read for and earn a globally recognised UK degree through our partnership with Middlesex University, London (UK), preparing our students for dynamic careers in the global economy or for a Master degree at some of the best universities around the world.

Programme Highlights

The BA (Hons.) in Business Studies programme offers an internationally oriented and future-proof curriculum. Our students are exposed to a thoughtfully selected range of business topics that relate closely to the demands of the global economy, which includes 21st century concerns such as digitalisation, sustainability, and ethical approaches to our real-world problems. The overall purpose of our programme is to develop professionals and leaders who can manage ethically, sensitively and holistically in a range of organisations in an increasingly global and rapidly changing environment.

Courses range from introductory courses on general business topics in the first year (marketing, corporate finance, ethics, etc.) to focused deep-dives in year two and three, for example "Digital Business Creations", "Global Organisations and the EU", "Intercultural Business Communication" and "Entrepreneurship and Innovation".

Additionally UBI is continuously designing innovative, new programmes to bring our students closer to the global economy. In the "Global Immersion Programme", students embark on a 1-week journey to Shanghai, China, to experience this fascinating Asian economy first hand, talk to business executives and immerse in an international environment.

Programme Structure

The BA (Hons.) Business Studies programme is a full-time, modular three-year programme. Students are expected to complete 60 ECTS per academic year and must achieve 180 ECTS to graduate from the degree programme. All Middlesex University students on a full-time, three-year degree must complete the programme within a maximum of five years from the time of initial registration in order to qualify for the degree certificate.

BA Admissions Policies

UBI endeavours to accept only those candidates whose records indicate that they possess the qualities needed to achieve academic success and who are willing to participate in the programme in the spirit of openness and tolerance.

Entry Requirements:
  • A complete application form submitted along with the required documents, such as a short motivational essay. 
  • Proficiency in English (for details, please see below the section ‘English Language Entry Requirements’).
  • An admissions interview (either face-to-face or online depending on your location).
  • Since all classes are digitally enhanced, students must possess and be able to use a laptop.
  • Other academic requirements as may be deemed necessary.
  • Admission, or rejection of the application, is dependent upon approval by the Deans on the basis of the application file. In case of rejection, no appeal is possible.
English Language Entry Requirements:

Students must have competence in the English language, and UBI normally requires Grade C in GCSE or an equivalent qualification. The most common English Language requirements for international students are IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL internet-based 72. United Business Institutes also offers an Intensive Academic English course (Pre-Sessional). Successful completion of this course would meet English language entry requirements. For more information on applying for the pre-sessional Intensive Academic English course, please email UBI at

For details of other equivalent English language requirements that UBI accepts, please contact the administrative assistant at


UBI offers two intakes for the BA degree programme: September (autumn) and February (spring).

Credit Transfer

BA students who have gained credits on a recognised university degree programme elsewhere are invited to apply for a Credit Transfer. Sufficient official academic records and transcripts must support all such applications. Successful applications are dependent upon approval by the Dean and the Middlesex University Link Tutor. This may lead to module exemptions or, for BA students, direct entry in BA1 (second semester), BA2 or – quite exceptionally – BA3.

Practical Training & Yearly Internships

All of UBI's programmes are career-oriented and emphasise practical training throughout the course of study. UBI requires its students to secure a minimum of one internship (traineeship) per year with a professional company or corporation of their choice and location. Remuneration arrangements –if any– are made according to company's employment policy.

Extensive practical training through internships allows students to get acquainted with actual business and management aspects in a real-life company environment. In the first and second year the primary goal of the internship programme is for students to develop networking skills, understand the working mentality (practices and goals), communicate effectively within a professional environment and allow them to better define what area of international business they are most attracted to.

For the last year, students are expected to be in charge of a specific aspect of the business they will be part of for the duration of the internship. They will be able to build on the foundation previously acquired, and grow to positions of measurable significance. The internship report should be an in-depth study of a particular aspect of the business they were in. This aspect should be very closely related to a course subject (e.g. Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management, etc.), and put in the company perspective. This report should lead to accurate and well-structured conclusions, in the spirit of an actual “audit”.

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United Business Institutes (UBI) is a private, higher education institution in Brussels, Belgium, with affiliated campuses in Luxembourg and China. Since its founding in 1992 UBI is providing highest- ... Read More

United Business Institutes (UBI) is a private, higher education institution in Brussels, Belgium, with affiliated campuses in Luxembourg and China. Since its founding in 1992 UBI is providing highest-quality British business education at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. All UBI students study for and earn a globally recognized UK degree through UBI's partnership with Middlesex University, London (UK). Focusing on international management and the global economy, the school’s programmes combine real-world, professional issues with the latest in management thinking. Read less
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