Bachelor’s programme 'HSE and Kyung Hee University Double Degree Programme in Economics and Politics in Asia'


Program Description

New Programme. First intake in 2018.

The ‘Economics and Politics in Asia’ BA Double Degree Programme offers students a unique opportunity to pursue two degrees, one Russian and one Korean, from H.S.E. and Kyung Hee University. The programme's major courses are concentrated in East Asian Studies and focus on economics, politics, foreign policy, society and culture of China, Japan or Korea, as well as Asian languages.

This programme has the academic support of the College of International Studies, and thereby combines top Russian and Asian educational standards in International (Area) Studies. The first two years, as well as the fourth year, take place at H.S.E. in Moscow, while in the third year, students have an opportunity to study in Korea, China or Japan. Moreover, students have an opportunity to acquire an additional specialization in Global Business or International Relations.

Programme overview

Features of the "Economics and Politics in Asia" Double Degree Programme

Four years of study at leading universities in Asia and Russia, providing students with additional skills, knowledge and experience. The two degrees ensure graduates have a major advantage in finding employment.

Modern teaching methods and major educational resources. Students have access to the educational resources of two universities: teaching and learning materials, online information systems, and library collections. Teaching and learning materials consist of study guides, video-lectures, slides and other resources.

Academic staff with globally recognized qualifications. The main professional courses are taught by professors with Ph.D.s from leading international and Russian universities. The academic staff of the programme includes fulltime WEIA faculty professors, as well as KIC Kyung Hee faculty members, who regularly give lectures during the academic year. Russian and foreign specialists from domestic and global companies are also invited.

All courses are taught in English Nevertheless, students have an opportunity to obtain knowledge and practice in professional communication in Russian, as well by selecting optional courses taught in Russian.

Students are actively involved in research activities and projects at H.S.E. and Kyung Hee University by working on specific research projects, writing term papers and Bachelor’s theses under the supervision of academic staff.

An international academic environment, thus encouraging open communication and collaboration between students, teachers and researchers.

The curriculum offers a comprehensive and in-depth study of the economics and politics of contemporary East Asia, as well as optional specializations for study. Enormous care has been taken in creating the curriculum, thereby ensuring that students receive the best education possible.

Studying at foreign universities in Asia and Russia offers a unique opportunity to learn more about different cultures, get a feel for their history and way of life, as well as understand and speak local languages. The countries of East Asia and Russia feature some of the most dynamically developing economies in the world and play an important role on the global stage. Our intensive Asian language courses offer a unique opportunity to obtain high-level certificates in JLPT, TOPIK, and HSK.

Last updated Feb 2020

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