Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences (taught in Italian)


Program Description

This program of studies aims to provide skills in communication and information technology, with special emphasis on new technologies. This Degree qualifies students for jobs in the public administration, in media and culture-related companies, as well as in firms or corporations that call for technical expertise in supervision and management within a communicative or consumer-oriented setting.

Career Opportunities

Basic training revolves around the methods and techniques of communication in a variety of settings: IT, media, art, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, history, geography, economics, and law. You will gain linguistic and cultural competence related to the Italian language and to at least two foreign languages (one of which must be a European language).

In the course of your third year of study, you will be expected to attend workshops, internships at national or international institutions and you may spend periods of study abroad.

Over three years you may choose to acquire skills in the fields of Mass Communication, and Business Communication.

If you aim to acquire skills in Mass Communication, you will gain knowledge of cultural and artistic products from historical, theoretical, and methodological viewpoints. You will become familiar with such products within specific legal and socio-cultural scenarios. You may qualify for jobs at institutions, and public or private companies that operate abroad and deal primarily with the design and the implementation of artistic, cultural or media productions, possibly also linked to advertising. If you choose to acquire skills in the field of Business Communication you will focus on communication processing, IT and communication technology in the corporate world. You will also become familiar with the setup of Italian firms and their various cultural models, as well as their social and legal dynamics (as well as those of China or the Arabic countries). You may qualify for jobs at corporations, firms or nonprofit organizations that operate abroad, and call for internal or external communication skills.

Services for the Degree Course


Admission to Italian Universities is possible only if the student holds a Diploma di Maturità ("A" Levels/Higher School Certificate) gained after 5 years at a high school. Students enrolled in the first year of their course are required to have reached a level of written and spoken proficiency in the chosen foreign languages which is equivalent to The Council of Europe Common European Framework A2 level, in order to be able to reach total competency in both languages.

Entry tests

An entry test will be held to assess students' levels for each language (Italian and English).

Online self-tests

On the University website on-line foreign language tests are available (French, English, Spanish, Russian and German) and a pass mark attests that the students have the linguistic skills required to follow the lessons offered by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Bridging courses

Students who are not up to the standard required in one of the languages chosen as a basic subject are obliged to attend the relative intensive preparatory course which will be held from September to October. Students who are not up to standard in both languages chosen will have to further their knowledge by using the learning aids offered by the University Language Centre.


The Faculty offers a tutoring service aimed at assisting newly enrolled students, guiding and advising them in their learning activities and helping them to decide their plan of studies.

Recognition of Certificates

Certificates attesting to competence in a foreign language obtained during the last five solar years are recognized. This is valid for French (DELF, DALF), English (PET, Trinity, FCE, CAE), Russian (TBU, TRK), Spanish (DELE) and German (ZD,ZDIB, ZMF). The certificate attesting to computer skills (ECDL- European Computer Driving Licence) is also recognized.

Last updated Nov 2019

About the School

The University of Bergamo is located in Lombardia, a region in Northern Italy with more than 10 millions inhabitants and one of the regions with the highest GDP pro capita in Europe.

The University of Bergamo is located in Lombardia, a region in Northern Italy with more than 10 millions inhabitants and one of the regions with the highest GDP pro capita in Europe. Read less