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Program Description

Your career opportunities in the private sector

You enjoy numbers? You think like an entrepreneur? You want to move and achieve something in your life? Your career with a future waiting for you: As a graduate of the study program controlling you get the best career prospects in industrial, commercial and service companies. Due to the practical training with internationally recognized qualification you are well prepared for their future careers.

Science, practice and Personal care: Our three keys to success

Science-to-date, participation in practical research - which offers the SRH University of Economics and media Calw in small groups. For personal service, our excellent facilities to provide professors and lecturers.

Your professional perspective: Career in Controlling

The managers of the future will have to make more and more cross-cutting issues: knowledge is no longer enough - here set the courses of the SRH University of Economics and media Calw to: interdisciplinary, project learning, interactive teaching, intensive supervision by the faculty, small learning groups - large success.

Thus equipped waiting tasks in controlling and management at you that are to leadership roles in business and society for you soon. The newly established program "Controlling" is the basis of success for your professional development in the areas of controlling, accounting, finance, internal audit and corporate governance.

Our hands-on training with internationally recognized qualification significant opportunities in the labor market.

Our study: One of a kind!

The business degree program with a focus on controlling attaches particular importance to the general business management and the internal and external accounting. As early as the first trimester there is a briefing in controlling. After the completion of the internship, a further focus formation takes place alternatively in one of the following elective courses: - Financial Controlling - HR management - Research and Project Controlling - This allows for specialization in the relevant area and improves your career opportunities in entering the industry, trade and Services or advice or research institutes.

Who wants to be a leader in Controlling tomorrow must be able to analyze more than numbers: Think strategically, networked planning, business management monitoring success, to use communications skillfully manage employees, manage projects. All that you will learn in the study at the SRH University of Economics and media Calw.

Be ahead of other applicants: Search your unique profile

The possibility of focus formation in finance, human resources, research- or project area to determine your course of studies according to your tastes and your career aspirations itself - this unique choice of your study focuses gives you the competitive edge!

Which course contents are covered?

Controlling and corporate governance, accounting, business administration, taxation, economics, information technology, law, languages, soft skills.

Areas of the graduates

  • Industrial companies (medium or Group Company) - Trading Company - service companies (incl. Guidance) - institutions (eg associations, research institutes) - Auditors - Research areas

Cooperation in controlling the preparation of business decisions

  • Participation in the accounting and finance - Creation and analysis of financial statements in accordance with national and international accounting standards - Participation in Corporate Management - Business valuations - Business Consulting - participation in the internal or external auditors
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About the School

Zukunftsorientierte Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge in den Bereichen Wirtschaft und Medien in kleinen Gruppen mit individueller Betreuung in Calw studieren.

Zukunftsorientierte Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge in den Bereichen Wirtschaft und Medien in kleinen Gruppen mit individueller Betreuung in Calw studieren. Read less