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Spatial Science

College students studying a scientific or technical major will pursue the goal of obtaining a Bachelor of Science (BSc). This undergraduate degree program lasts three to five years and will properly prepare students with the necessary skills and expertise to begin successful careers in their respective fields.

What is a BSc in Spatial Science? In this particular program, students will get an in-depth look at multidisciplinary fields in the area of geospatial technologies. A focus may be placed on topics such as remote sensing, geographic information systems and global positioning systems. Students may learn all aspects of these types of technology and how they work. They will gain knowledge of computer applications and databases in relation to spatial science, as well as the proper experience in interpreting and analyzing satellite images and aerial photographs. Students can also hone in on their real-world problem-solving skills and how to apply them to coming up with solutions.

Earning a BSc in Spatial Science will open many doors for opportunities for graduates. With the knowledge they gain, they will become valuable to potential employers, allowing them to kick-start their careers in the field.

The cost of earning a BSc in Spatial Science varies depending on the university you wish to attend and its specific program. Research your favorite institution to get a better understanding of the cost and the program details.

Individuals with a BSc in Spatial Science have exceptional professional skills and expertise and are excellent problem solvers. This makes them ready for careers in spatial science. They may work as natural resource managers where they will put their skills to good use mapping geographical features and how these change over time. These professionals may additionally be in charge of managing environmental activities. Other responsibilities natural resource managers may have include natural disaster evaluation, crime analysis and endangered species mapping.

For students with busy schedules or who are in remote areas, many institutions offer online degree programs. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. 


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BSc in Spatial Planning and Design

University of Groningen
Campus Full time 3 years September 2018 Netherlands Groningen

Do you have a special interest in the living environment around you? Are you interested in combining analytical thinking with creative design? Spatial Planning and Design is the field for you. [+]

What effect will climate change have on our future cities and rural areas? How can you develop sustainable strategies and designs for new and existing urban systems? How do you deal with a complex built environment and related planning processes? Planners are asked to translate spatial transformation such as urban growth and decline into new opportunities to enhance the quality of life.

The Bachelor's degree programme in Spatial Planning and Design revolves around physical and institutional design. The course units you follow are related to spatial planning and design, water management, infrastructure and environmental planning, spatial computer programs, complex decision-making and academic research.... [-]