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Risk Management

A Bachelor of Science degree is a great foundational degree that provides students with advanced knowledge in a particular field of study. In some cases, this degree is enough to allow students to begin a rewarding career. However, in many cases, students can increase their earning potential by seeking an advanced degree following graduation from a bachelor’s degree.

What is a BSc in Risk Management? This program is one of many financial degrees offered at many institutions around the world. Students who enroll in these programs learn how to make smart financial decisions based on industry cues. They may be required to take courses focused on gaining skills and learning techniques in risk measurement, management and mitigation. Courses may include accounting, business law, economics, financial management, mathematical analysis for business and risk management.

Students who earn this degree are highly desired in the industry for their skills and knowledge. They often gain strong skills in analytic thinking, team building, quantitative analysis and problem solving.

The cost associated with a Bachelor of Science in Risk Management depends greatly on the institution that is granting the degree. Another important factor is where in the world the intuition is located and whether students are able to complete the program online.

There are many valuable careers available to those who complete this degree. Graduates can become actuaries, brokers or agents, corporate risk managers, foreign exchange traders, estate planners and insurance fraud investigators. To increase their knowledge and earning potential or marketability, ambitious students can also earn more advanced degrees, such as master’s degrees, in the field.

More programs than ever are being offered as completely online programs. This is ideal for students who live in remote locations around the world, but who want the opportunity to earn valuable skills. Applying to an online program is a simple process. If you are a prospective student, you can search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Risk Management and Insurance

Eastern Kentucky University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2019 USA Richmond

The ONLY Risk Management and Insurance program in Kentucky. All EKU School of Business degree programs, including Risk Management and Insurance, are accredited by AACSB International. [+]

Degree Concentrations B.S. in Risk Management and Insurance B.B.A. in Risk Management and Insurance Minor in Risk Management and Insurance Who Would be Interested in Risk Management and Insurance? Someone who is interested in exploring and managing risks businesses face in all industry A student who is academically and socially motivated with an interest in business Someone with an outgoing and amiable personality Someone who is a self-starter, creative thinker, and goal-oriented Someone who enjoys working in a corporate home office or agency environment with others Why Risk Management and Insurance?

Degree Benefits

The ONLY Risk Management and Insurance program in Kentucky All EKU School of Business degree programs, including Risk Management and Insurance, are accredited by AACSB International Significant industry interaction and support through meet-and-greet and major-specific career fairs An active professional fraternity (Gamma Iota Sigma) with at least one trip out of state a semester Strong alumni base Potential for local, regional, and national employment ... [-]

Bachelor in Corporate and Homeland Security

Mercy College
Online Campus Full time September 2019 USA Dobbs Ferry New York USA Online + 3 more

Protect our national infrastructure from terrorism and other criminal threats . . . Learn what you need to be successful in an expanding and dynamic field playing a role in virtually every business and government field. [+]

Mercy College's Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate and Homeland Security Management is a 4-year degree offered through the School of Business. It is the first undergraduate degree of its kind, designed to provide a comprehensive background for students interested in pursuing professional managerial careers in the private or public sectors where business and security skills coexist.

The B.S. degree in Corporate and Homeland Security Management offers students a cutting-edge degree: one which speaks to the expanding and dynamic role that security now plays in virtually every business and government career.

Corporate and Homeland Security Fast Facts Coursework focusing on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Emphasis on team building within a dynamic environment Internships with agencies securing the country Gain a multidisciplinary degree by taking courses in business and security concepts Program Outcomes ... [-]