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Those who want to enhance their career prospects and learn new skills following high school or after moving into the workforce often seek a bachelor’s degree. Designed to cover specific topics, students can usually finish one of these degrees within a four-year period.

What is a BSc in Public Management? When students obtain a degree in public management, they likely have a strong foundation in urban planning, public policy, and management. Some of the classes students might take cover topics such as public policy processes, human resources, statistical analysis, managing public entities, and planning and development. Students may also take classes on problem-solving, business management, economics, and research methods.

With a bachelor’s in public management, graduates may qualify for well-paying professional positions in the public or nonprofit sector. When vying for a promotion, graduates may also have a better chance of getting the job because of their degree.

Costs vary greatly from school to school for public management programs. While tuition is often the biggest factor that impacts what it costs to obtain this degree, how long it takes to complete the program and where the school is located can also impact the cost.

With a bachelor’s degree in public management, graduates can expect to work for either the nonprofit or government sector. For example, an individual may work as a government agency administrator, non-profit budget analyst, human resources manager, or healthcare administrator. While graduates with this degree may be eligible for entry-level positions, they may also choose to continue their education by seeking master’s degrees.

While some public management students choose to go to school on a part-time basis, others decide to go to attend classes full-time either in-person or online. To begin the application process, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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