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Professional Studies

Academic institutions around the world offer a BSc or Bachelor of Science.  This popular undergraduate degree is helpful in preparing students for the workplace or for advanced degree programs.  The average BSc takes three to five years to complete.

A professional studies program is an excellent educational choice for anyone who is interested in pursuing a rewarding career after leaving higher education. This type of program is meant to teach students whatever they need to know about entering and succeeding in the workplace.

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Bachelor in Social Sciences

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Campus Full time 3 years September 2018 Belgium Brussels

Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University join academic forces to offer you the runway launching your cosmopolitan future: the Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences (BScSS). Because even leading global citizens are made at a specific place, at a specific time The BScSS was carefully designed to bring the best of sociology, political science and communication Studies together in a unique English taught bachelor program. And when the best of the best collide, a challenging yet rewarding curriculum takes shape. [+]

A most powerful troika: Sociology, Political Science, Communication Studies

Three crucial disciplines to build a deep understanding of today’s societies. By tearing down the walls around three social sciences, the English-taught Bachelor of Science in the Social Sciences (BScSS) program enables you to build solid bridges between them. And this is exactly the kind of fundamental skill you can take with you wherever you go - for example towards a specializing Master program and, later, a thriving European career.

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The analytical approach of the program implies that core courses take turns with so-called ‘interdisciplinary’ ones. The advantage of this clever mix? It teaches you to shift between and combine insights of sociology, political science and communication studies. In other words: you learn how to analyze complex social issues from multiple angles. Enriching concepts of different social sciences by confronting them with each other gives you another important edge. It turns theoretical knowledge into a tangible asset for investigating social reality. This is obviously a major pro for your future employer(s), especially since the BScSS program also equips you with an extensive methodological toolkit. This is valuable knowhow you will carry along your entire career - it doesn’t age and it will especially serve you well in the data driven future. ... [-]

Bachelor of Social Science

Singapore Management University
Campus Full time 4 years August 2018 Singapore

The Bachelor in Social Science programme consists of a combination of coursework as well as opportunities for hand-on research supervised by faculty members. The programme aspires to be an interactive, collegial environment that models and encourages open communication and life-long learning. [+]


In 2013, Professor James Tang, Dean, School of Social Sciences, declared that “The World needs a new generation of Social Science graduates to tackle its complexities.” Our interdisciplinary PPS majors – Psychology, Political Science and Sociology – plus a final year integrative capstone seminar had produced an exciting corps of Social Science graduates – well-rounded, insightful, and versatile in viewing and tackling problems from multiple perspectives – and capable of taking on leadership position in a diverse field of careers.

In 2016, we raised the bar with a new signature major that combines the synergistic power of three critical disciplines: Politics, Law and Economics (PLE). The PLE major provides for a deeper understanding of global political perspectives, economic transformations and the legal frameworks that these changes demand. Graduates develop a higher level of strategic thinking, innovative problem solving skills and imaginative leadership quality. PLE – for those who want to become the new leaders, thinkers and doers of tomorrow.... [-]

BSc Social Sciences

University of Kent, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
Campus Full time Part time September 2018 United Kingdom Canterbury

The Social Sciences degree at Kent gives you an understanding of how society works and how social change happens from different interdisciplinary perspectives - sociology, social policy, psychology, social history, criminology [+]

The Social Sciences degree at Kent gives you an understanding of how society works and how social change happens from different interdisciplinary perspectives - sociology, social policy, psychology, social history, criminology, and urban studies. You can keep your studies broad by taking the general BSc (Hons) Social Sciences - or concentrate your focus in a particular pathway (currently undergoing approval for 2013 entry):

BSc Social Sciences (Sociology & Psychology) BSc Social Sciences (Sociology & Social Policy) BSc Social Sciences (Sociology & Criminology) BSc Social Sciences (Psychology & Criminology)

Whichever direction you choose, studying social science will equip you for the future.... [-]