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A Bachelor of Science, or BSc, is awarded after a three to five year course of study. As one of the world’s most popular undergraduate education options, this degree offers a wide variety of competitive advantages and may be offered in any one of many different fields.

What is a BSc in Photography? This program is intended to teach students general principles of photography as well as specific technical skills. Students will study subjects such as history of photography, visual storytelling, aesthetics, design, and communication. There will also be opportunities to build technical skills such as light manipulation, equipment usage, darkroom techniques, photo editing, composition, digital imaging, and traditional film photography.

Among the many advantages to taking a BSc in Photography is an increased understanding of photographic principles as well as improved photo-taking ability. Students will also be able to build important “soft skills” such as problem solving, critical thinking, and communication. In addition, a college degree offers an important competitive edge in an increasingly globalized job market. 

The cost of earning a degree in photography can vary widely from school to school, program to program, and student to student. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that prospective students do their research and learn about the institutions they are interested in attending. Financial compatibility is very important.

There are many careers that can be pursued with a degree in photography. One of the most obvious is artistic photography, taking pictures as a form of artistic expression. Students may also be able to find work as portrait, wedding, or event photographers, taking pictures of people and important life events, or they can pursue careers in photojournalism, advertising or graphic design. Students can even pursue careers teaching photography.

If you would like to earn a BSc in Photography, then being your search today. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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BSc in Photography

Northern Arizona University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 USA Flagstaff

This Bachelor of Science in Photography will provide experience, training, and theory in the techniques of digital photography as well as the opportunity for students to develop their creative eye. [+]

BScs in Photography. Available Emphasis Areas: Field Photography - Emphasis Studio Photography - Emphasis This Bachelor of Science in Photography will provide experience, training, and theory in the techniques of digital photography as well as the opportunity for students to develop their creative eye. The coursework includes studio and location photography, the use of computer image adjustment, working with light, and managing workflow. In addition, the core communication courses provide the essential skills of writing, critical thinking and communication. Students who pursue this degree will have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork and will be required to produce a senior portfolio project. What Can I Do with a Bachelor of Science in Photography? The making of a quality photograph begins with the vision of the person behind the lens. Train your eye—and mind—to capture the best light: pursue a Bachelor of Science in Photography. The Bachelor of Science in Photography takes an integrated approach to the discipline that will help you secure a brilliant future in photography or a related field. Coursework in the major is designed to engage you, the student, with a combination of the communication core and in-depth courses in techniques and application of photography. You are provided a solid skills base on which to build a career in commercial photography. In advanced courses you will focus on the finer details of light manipulation, composition, darkroom technique, digital imaging, photo editing, and much more. Career opportunities that might be pursued: Art direction Illustration Lighting technology Advertising With... [-]