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A BSc (Bachelor of Science) is an academic degree that combines general coursework with specialized classes that prepare students with the knowledge and skills to begin a career. A degree can be earned in a variety of subjects and takes an average of four years to complete.


The natural sciences deal with the understanding of natural phenomena through observations and predictions. The scientific method and the laws of nature may be covered. Natural science branches include areas such as physics and biology, and there are many more.

Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is a country located in Southwestern Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is 900 years old, and even though it has a relatively small area, it played a crucial role in world history. Universidade do Porto is most popular by foreigners which consist of 11% international students.

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BSc in Agriculture

Castelo Branco University of Applied Sciences
Campus 3 years September 2017 Portugal Castelo Branco

Graduates in agronomy should have a set of specific skills to enable planning, coordinating and implementing activities of crop and animal production in the context of a farm, being able to ensure: the quantity and quality of yields, reducing the environmental impact of the farm activities, food quality for consumers; plan, coordinate and implement activities to support or support to agricultural production at the level of enterprises providing services or suppliers of production factors to the various components of the primary sector. The objective is a general multi-purpose training BSc conferring skills to work in various areas of the agrifood sector, from production to consumption. [+]

Best Bachelor of Science Degrees in Natural Sciences in Portugal 2017. Learning objectives: The graduate in Agronomy will develop skills to carry out a professional activity, enabling them to plan, direct, and execute all the practices and techniques inherent to farm activities, agricultural and agro-forestry jobs, businesses or institutions, upstream or downstream of the activity, providing them services and with goods or use their products, either as workers for others or as entrepreneurs, within the principles of sustainable agriculture and respect for quality and food safety and environment. Their training allows them also the capacity building in the collection, selection and interpretation of relevant information, enabling them to substantiate the solutions they envisage and issuing decisions, including the analysis of social, scientific and ethical relevant aspects. Career opportunities Farmer organisations: Confederations of farmers, cooperatives, farmers' groups, unions and others: as board members; technical managers; involved in the technical support; management machinery parks. Enterprises: Agricultural, livestock and agro-forestry companies; seed and plants production, production and marketing of agro-chemicals (fertilisers, plant protection products and other), agricultural machinery and livestock equipment, composite food, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, and production and marketing of additives companies. May intervene in experimentation, dissemination, technical assistance and sale; as responsible for the management of agricultural and livestock farms. Private companies; Entrepreneurs on their own; Ministries (Agriculture, Economics, Education, Labour); Municipalities; Credit Organisations; Management Centres; Statistics. [-]