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Most students decide to start their education by entering a bachelor’s program and earning a degree. This can be an excellent opportunity, because students establish a strong understanding of the fundamentals in their field. It is possible to build a career from this foundation.

What is a BSc in Marine Technology? The oceans provide the entire planet with many vital resources, and marine technology is all about developing and maintaining the technology we use to protect and manage our oceans. Courses often include studies of offshore technology, operation, ship technology, logistics development, fisheries, and aquaculture. These topics can help students find their specialization, which can be marine resources and aquaculture, marine hydrodynamics, and marine engineering. However you decide to specialize, you can enjoy a very dynamic series of studies.

The Earth's oceans are one of its very most important resources. Most life directly depends on the health of our marine environments. Studying marine technology can put students in the fulfilling position to help make a difference in the future and to help protect one of our most delicate habitats. Additionally, because of the worldwide nature of the major, students from all over the world can benefit.

Bachelor’s degree programs vary in cost quite a bit. Many factors can influence expenses and should be researched extensively beforehand. Aspects to consider include school, program, length of study, and even the country in which you’ll be studying.

There are many available careers for graduates. The maritime and shipping industries have an especially high demand for marine technology professionals, but there are plenty of opportunities in offshore exploration, maritime administration, shipping management, and the oil and gas industries. Alternatively, students can dedicate themselves to the research side of marine technologies and work at different research stations studying technology and biology.

If you are interested in our oceans, marine technology can be the perfect career for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor in Marine Science

University of the South Pacific USP
Campus Full time 3 years February 2018 Fiji Suva

This program does not follow the usual programme requirements for major and minor disciplines but instead have prescribed sets of courses, across discipline boundaries. [+]

The Bachelor of Science - Prescribed Programme is a three-year programme comprising twenty four courses; eight courses at 100-level, eight courses at 200-level, and eight courses at 300-level.

Bachelor in Marine Science

This program does not follow the usual programme requirements for major and minor disciplines but instead have prescribed sets of courses, across discipline boundaries. These programmes are offered by the School of Marine Studies (SMS), with a mission to:

Assist Pacific Islanders to understand, conserve, develop, manage and utilize their living and non-living resources in a rapidly changing world. Provide Pacific Islanders with the widest possible range of opportunities for research, education, training and employment in the marine sectors. Encourage collaboration within the institutions of The University of the South Pacific, island nations, regional and international bodies for the sustainable development of the marine resources ... [-]