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A BSc (Bachelor of Science) is an academic degree that combines general coursework with specialized classes that prepare students with the knowledge and skills to begin a career. A degree can be earned in a variety of subjects and takes an average of four years to complete.


The study of life skills looks at the skills needed in everyday life. For example, at the college level, the study of life skills may teach proper time management, critical thinking, communication, and even conflict resolution.

Europe, one of the world's seven continents, is usually known as the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. Second smallest continent, with 10,180,000 (km2), the area regroups 50 countries.

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BSc (Hons) in Psychology (Child Development)

London South Bank University
Campus Full time Part time 3 - 6 years September 2019 United Kingdom London + 1 more

Undergraduate BSc (Hons) Psychology (Child Development) degree course; the first steps to becoming a psychologist. Accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). [+]

A deeper understanding

How do our brains work? Is our behavior influenced by our genes, our environment or both? Psychology gives you a fascinating insight into the factors that influence how people think, feel and behave. Child development psychology is a fascinating specialist area, focused on typical and atypical child development.

Why Psychology at LSBU? Industry relevance – the course structure stems from best practice recommendations made by The British Psychological Society. Professional accreditation – the course is accredited by The British Psychological Society. Flexible learning – choose from a variety of modules in the final year to suit your particular interests. Dedicated facilities – our lab complex includes an eye-tracking facility and observation room. ... [-]