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A Bachelor of Science is a degree program that usually lasts from three to five years and grants the graduate a special certificate stating his or her advanced knowledge in a particular field of study. These programs are offered at local and international institutions.

What is a Bachelor of Science in International Trade? This degree largely explores international business communications, global markets and financial theory and applies it to how goods and services move globally. Some programs may offer emphasis options, including management, trade compliance law and global supply chain management. Coursework for degree seekers may include modern management principles, global culture, international economics, Importing and exporting, logistics and global finance methods.

Students gain valuable skills while engaged in these programs. They are better able to think critically and apply their technical knowledge to difficult business situations. Those with a Bachelor of Science in International Trade may also experience better upward mobility in their careers than peers with other degrees. 

The costs associated with pursuing this degree program include tuition, books and living expenses. These all vary greatly depending on the university that is offering the program as well as the economic condition of the nation in which it is located. Students should always fully understand their financial commitment to a program prior to enrollment.

Individuals who complete a program in international trade are often prepared to enter the workforce in a wide variety of positions. Graduates may create rewarding careers as compliance officers, trade compliance managers or supervisors, auditors, consultants, Homeland Security officers, regulatory specialists and international trade law enforcement. Others may choose to become transportation managers, purchasing managers and entrepreneurs.

Online offerings have made it easier than ever for students and working professionals to increase their knowledge and skill set. Moreover, more people now have access to valuable education. To register for an online degree, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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BSc in Department of International Trade and Logistics

Atilim University
Campus Full time 8 semesters September 2018 Turkey Ankara

Even if the International Trade and International Logistics are understood as two separate disciplines, they are substantially interdependent [+]

BScs in International Trade. BSc in Department of International Trade and Logistics Even if the International Trade and International Logistics are understood as two separate disciplines, they are substantially interdependent, supplementary and in a sense indispensable study areas for each other. Today in parallel with the progress in communication and information technologies, a large number of goods and services in all sectors are in circulation on the face of the globe. Therefore rising foreign trade volumes, interaction between markets and both country and firm-based competition keeps transforming the traditional trade perception, also makes the logistics discipline which cannot be evaluated solely "transportation" with the fact that it provides product/service/labor/information resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption prior to efficiency and optimization. In other words, on the track of the evolution of the world economy tending to globalize and/or regionalize with the 21st century, the concept of internationalization in both firm and industry scale adds a new dimension to trade and makes logistics function vital. Thus, the international flow of goods, services, and investment has become integrated and buoyant since trade and logistics have been the locomotives of modern economies. In a nutshell, anyone who is willing to specialize in international trade practices shall have the know-how about logistics. Hence, the advantage of our students to be trained in both International Trade and Logistics is obvious. And this is why our Department sets its understanding of education in a flexible and progressive frame just like the disciplines... [-]