BSc Degrees in Interior Design 2020 in Manama in Bahrain

Students who earn a BSc (Bachelor of Science) have the opportunity to begin a career in their chosen field of study. A BSc in both science-related and non-science fields can be earned at schools all over the world.

Few fields address the connection between purpose and perception quite like interior design. Students learn to understand design concepts and address specific concerns to create an interior space that is customized for residential or commercial clients.

Bahrai, which means "two seas" consists of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf). Bahrain has the oldest public education system in the Arabian Peninsula.

Manama is a key financial centre in Bahrain. Most importantly, this town is home to a variety of colleges, schools and universities such as Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, Delmon University, Applied Science University and many more.

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Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design (BSID)

Ahlia University Bahrain
4 years

Interior design is both an art and science that involves the adaptation of natural and human-made environments not only to the cultural, social, economic and behavioural activ ...

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