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A bachelor’s degree is a three to five-year course of study that gives participants special knowledge and skills in their chosen field. A BSc, or Bachelor of Science, can open the door to new career opportunities and a higher salary.

What is a BSc in Global Management? This program prepares students for a management position in a multinational organization. Students can gain an in-depth understanding of international and trade law, multicultural business relations, and micro- and macroeconomics. In additional to general business management courses, such as accounting, marketing, human resources and finance, students may also study international business strategy, political influences on global business practices and global economics. Some programs include foreign language training, study abroad opportunities and international internships.

Upon completing this program graduates will have many valuable skills. The coursework stresses communication and interpersonal skills, particularly among diverse nationalities. Participants should also gain a keen understanding of finance, which can benefit them in their personal as well as professional life.

As with any bachelor’s degree, the cost of a BSc in Global Management will depend on where the degree is earned. Students should contact schools directly to determine the exact coursework and cost.

Students with a degree in global management are prepared to work all over the world in industries that span multiple countries and even multiple continents. They must be prepared to abide by the regulations of each country where they do business and to include a working knowledge of local culture and customs in their business practices. A graduate may find work as a global management analyst, global project manager or global operations manager. They may enter quality assurance, billing or human resources management. Graduates may work in manufacturing, tourism, government and other industries.

This degree is offered at universities around the world. Many offer courses online so the degree may be earned anytime and anywhere. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.




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